The Game 2.0

I guess I didn’t quite understand what the game was when I agreed to play it. Jocelyn had said it was a chance for me to win some big money. So I said OK I was in. Information was texted to my phone. First download the Game app and design your avatar. I created the woman of my dreams, someone I wouldn’t mind looking at everyday. I knew that I would control the avatar, but it never occurred to me that I would become the avatar.
But that’s what happened some time during the night while I was asleep. Cause the next morning I woke up in a whole new room and a whole new body. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Actually I did both.
Then I started – well, I don’t want to be crude, so let’s say I got to know my new body. I mean, I really got to know it. Oh my god. I didn’t want to leave my room – ever.

My cell phone buzzed while I was exploring, and of course I ignored it. I think I should get a message that says “The person you are trying to reach is having an orgasm at this time and will not stop for anything.”
When I finally looked at the text message, it explained a little bit to me. I could get points by undertaking certain challenges that would be provided. There were a few ongoing challenges – like style. If I looked good, I could get up to 20 points a day. That seemed easy.

After looking at myself in the mirror for a while, I realized I didn’t have a clue, so I called Jocelyn. When I told her what the game was she started laughing pretty hard. She said she would come over and help me, but only if I sent her some selfies.

She was as good as her word and was at my door in less than half an hour. She brought clothes, makeup and one of her girlfriends. I was kind of upset at first, but we lit up a bowl and they went to work – teaching me as they went.

So then we went out for drinks together. Just us girls. My phone buzzed. I only got 16 points. The other girls were outraged. I was definitely a 20 they said. A couple of guys asked to join us, and I said no. Jocelyn gave me those big puppy dog eyes (I have to remember to do that) and I agreed.

The phone buzzed. Up to 15 points for flirting. I pulled Jocelyn aside and asked her for some tips. She said “Stage 1: Smile a lot, seem interested in whatever he’s saying, and giggle at his jokes occassionally .Stage 2 : you touch him gently on his hand or face- then look away slightly embarrassed.” She looked right in my eyes and said “But you should stay at stage one tonight.”

Of course there were two of them and three of us, which was a little awkward for a while until Jocelyn’s brother Jake showed up suddenly out of nowhere.

I didn’t really remember what Jocelyn had told me about flirting. I just decided to have a good time. Jake told some pretty funny stories – he really had me laughing for a while. I enjoyed talking with him. I guess I was feeling a little silly or drunk or something cause I took his glasses off of him and put them on myself.

“Well, Jake, goodbye,” I said extremely seriously, though with a bit of a fake english accent (for no good reason at all) “It was extremely good to meet you. Now I must be off” I shook his hand as hard as I could (which wasn’t all that hard) and started to walk out – still wearing his glasses. When I was out the door I started running. He came after me and scooped me up in one fell swoop.

“It seems I can’t have my glasses, ” he said, “unless I take you with them.”

I wrinkled my nose and giggled. “Take me where?” I asked.

Before he could answer Jocelyn and her friends came out of the bar after us.

Jocelyn made him set me down. She handed me my shoes. I really couldn’t walk very well in those damn heels. It’s probably why I only got 16 points.
“You’re a party pooper,” I said.

“And you’re a little drunk,” she said.

My phone buzzed. I was having a little trouble reading it so I handed it to Jake. “What’s it say?”

“It says you get 15 points if I kiss you goodnight, and 20 points if I ask for your phone number.”
Jocelyn and her friends were pretty quiet. Then the two guys started chanting “Do it! Do it!”

I got a lot of points that night. And the next night. And the next night. I stopped counting. Or reading or answering the texts.

Four months later, while we were having a really nice dinner at this expensive outdoor restaurant, Jake asked me “What was that game you were playing the night we met?”
“Nothing, just silliness. “ I said. “Why?”

“Because I was wondering how many points you would get for this –“ He knelt down in front of me and opened a small box. I screamed. Then I cried. He grabbed my face with his hands and gave me the sweetest kiss in the world.

“Probably a zillion,” I said through the tears, “but I don’t want them. After all I have you.”

Sometimes I think I want to ask Jocelyn how much of what happened that night was something she had a hand in. Then again, I think I don’t really need to know that.
Game 2.0 over.


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