Keep your friends close…

“What?” said John with a confused look on his face. He couldn’t believe what his roommate Rick just told him.

“I’m serious. I can’t find the medallion,” said Rick as he continued to look around the room.

“But you have to find it! Otherwise I will be stuck in Natalie’s body,” said John angrily.

“Don’t you think I know that? Why do you think I am looking so hard? Man, you are acting like more of a bitch than Natalie!” said Rick angrily.

“Just shut up and keep looking!” said John.

When Rick and his roommate John found the Medallion of Zulo, John decided to use some of his ex-girlfriend Natalie’s clothes to become her duplicate. She had been a tiger in bed, and he wanted to see what sex was like from the other side. Rick had always found Natalie to be very hot, albeit a little too temperamental for his taste. So he was happy to oblige John’s fantasy and fooled around with him for hours after he transformed. Now John was ready to change back but the medallion was nowhere to be found.

“Well, that’s it. I give up. It’s gone,” said Rick.

“You can’t give up, you lazy prick. What the hell am I going to do?” asked John in a tiff.

“Maybe you can just take up where Natalie left off. You know, assume her identity and life. She did leave town, and she didn’t have many friends here. No one would notice the difference, ” said Rick.

“She didn’t have any friends because she was a colossal bitch. And what would I do for money? It’s not like she had a good education or a good job. The only thing she had going for her was her body. Think, you stupid moron!” said John, demeaning Rick once again.

That insult was the last straw. Rick had reached his limit. John had been a dick to him when he was his male roommate, but now that he had changed into Natalie he had became a real major asshole. Rick wasn’t going to put up with John’s terrible behavior any more.

“You know what? That sounds like your problem, not mine. It was your decision to change into her body and if you cared so much about the medallion you should have kept track of it,” said Rick.

“What? Wait a minute…” began John.

“No, I think I have heard about all I want to here from you. I think you should leave my apartment. Right … now…” said Rick.

“But it’s my apartment, too, ” said John weakly.

“I don’t think so. JOHN and I rented this apartment. I don’t know you. You look a little like my roommate’s ex-girlfriend, but I heard she left town. Are you going to leave or do I need to call the cops? ” said Rick.

John’s blood turned cold. He realized he had no money, no friends and no identity. He didn’t even have any of Natalie’s identification. Not a driver’s license or credit card. Nothing. How could he explain that to the cops?

John slowly gathered up the clothes Natalie had left behind and got dressed. Rick watched him without a hint of compassion and closed the door hard behind him. But John was not without hope. He was young, attractive and intelligent. He would make a good new life for himself. Then he would have his revenge on his old roommate.


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