The Final Fight

In the Underground Ring, everything was allowed. Gouging eyeballs. Kicking groins. Stomping heads. Quite a bunch of my opponents became disabled, but they knew what they were getting into. It’s the first thing you’re told–everything was allowed except carrying weapons. I’ve made quite a fortune off crushing my opponents in the Underground Ring, being the undefeated champion and all. I knew my day would come… but not like this. Never have I imagined my eventual defeat would be like this.

“Not today, man. My money’s on that guy,” the voice I heard before the match echoed through my head. “There is no man on the earth who can beat him. By the end of the match, the champ’s gonna be his bitch.” I laughed if off, but now I understood what he meant. Alas, I had forgotten that everything was allowed. Everything.

When the bell tolled for the beginning of the first round, I was ready to break some bones. But as I approached the man, I felt a sudden exhaustion. My head got light and I saw multiples of the man. I could barely throw a decent punch. After swinging some weak jabs, I stepped back to regain my composure. The man had a huge grin on his face, and he did no attempt to strike me while I was confused by sudden exhaustion. I was wide open but he left me be. The first rounded ended without either of us hitting each other, and I sat on my corner. I noticed my biceps and thighs were noticeably thinner and softer. “What the hell…?” The man couldn’t keep his grin off his face.

The second round began, and it went about the same. My headache and exhaustion had gone away, but I felt weak all the same. I did land a jab or two, but it felt like an egg hitting against a rock. The man simply circled around me without retaliation moves, and waited for the time to pass. While I was worried that my strength was quickly vanishing for some reason, my thoughts reached the audience too. The bloodthirsty gamblers and the thrill seekers. I fully expected a chorus of booing, but there were only giggling and panting. I looked around, and people seemed… pleased for the lack of blood and action. The eerie atmosphere of the audience caught my off guard. At the end of the round two, my hairs were touching my shoulders, while my body hair was gone completely. My skins felt smooth and limbs felt slender. There definitely was some change happening in my body. I leaned against the pole in a slight terror creeping onward my spine.

“It’s too late, you know,” whispered the ring boy who checks the participants for any hidden weapons. “He’ll suck your masculinity dry…” I turned back to him and said, “Do you know what is happ…” but my voice stunned me mid-speech. The voice that came out of my mouth was high-pitched and feminine. A thought struck my brain; an explanation of the situation, but my consciousness denied it. That can’t be happening… but it was happening.

The same went for the third round, but this time I could somewhat understand what was going on. The man, by some unspeakable magic, was absorbing my strength… and manhood by merely standing near. Now that I understood what was going on, I tried to stay away from him. Let this game be over before something worse happens. But this time, the man approached me and grabbed me by my wrists. I was powerless to shake him off, and felt overwhelmed with his presence. At this time I noticed I shrunk significantly. I remember looking down on his wry smile, but now I was looking up. He leaned forward and gave me a sensual kiss which I couldn’t push off. The crowd cheered. Now there was no denying it. He was sucking off my manliness.

My phallus erected and ejaculated non-stop. It felt so good, but at the same time I could feel that it was my masculinity draining away from my body. The man held me tight by my buttocks and pushed his lips harder against my limp lips. Our lips parted when the bell rang, and he had the same smile on him–but this time it looked so gentle and handsome. My pants dropped lose because I had lost my ab muscle which pushed the pants, so I was naked save for my gloves. The ring boy took the pants away from me, saying it was an illegal move to pick up an item… Everything was allowed, given that it came with you. Hopelessness seeped through my minds when I looked down. The penis had long vanished and all there was down there was a new drooling symbol of womanhood along with a pair of round tits hindering my view. I covered my newly-formed vagina embarrassed, while the crowd cheered on.

At this time, I was completely womanized, you could say. There was a pulsing sensation in my stomach which I could only assume as a formation of womb and tubes. My hands slid across my body in attempt to understand my current body, and it was closer to that of a prostitute than a fighter. Everywhere I touched, it was full of femininity. I could only imagine how my face must have shifted.

I looked up across the ring and saw the man resting against the pole. I couldn’t help notice the bulge on his pants… Quite a massive one at that. Usually I’d be grossed out, but I was simply admiring his bulge and his abs. I caught myself swallowing some big gulps wet with lust. Did my mind changed too? That’s impossible! I tried to shake off the impure thoughts sprouting from my mind. But it was impossible! The images of the man penetrating me from behind flashed across my eyes and all I could think about was the man! No! I resisted, in vain. This can’t be happening! I screamed in my mind. But it can’t be too bad, right? I began to ponder. It would be so great if he kisses me again… I hoped. I want to be his fuck toy… I wished. I knew it was some magic playing dirty tricks on my mind, but I didn’t know how to resist it. So this is how I will be defeated…

The bell rang, and the man stood up. I couldn’t get up from my seat, but it didn’t matter. The man grabbed my shoulders and threw a shivering feminized body which was I onto the floor. Before I could even say anything, he began to pound me from the top. The crowd began to applaud and laugh at me. I should have been horrified, but each thrust was a gift of joy. I was locked into a receiving position, but this animal-like pose aroused me instead of… Instead of… I could think. What option was there other than to thank the man for such powerful domination over my body? I moaned and shook in a lustful delight and welcomed his entering into me.

“Knock her up! Knock her up!” The crowd began to chant. Of course… this wasn’t the usual bloody fight they came to watch. It was a humiliation porn they came to watch. As if answering the crowd, the man unloaded his entirety into me. So this was how I go out… not knocked out, but knocked up.


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