The fall

I was just walking around town when I tripped on a rock, losing my balance, and finally falling and hitting my head. It must have been quite a big hit, because when I came back to my senses, I was in a whole different place. My blonde hair was covering my face. “This is going to leave a mark” I said outloud, my voice sounded funny. That’s when I noticed I was dressed as a woman, and not only that, I had the body of a woman “I don’t remember my hair this long” I said. I tried to stand up, but it was difficult because I was wearing high heels.

“Honey are you ok?” a man asked me. I got scared, this is too much to take in. I didn’t say anything, but accepted his help to stand up. “can you walk?” he asked me, I tried to, but my leg hurt, “I think I have a twisted ankle” I said. He then, with one motion, carried me in his arms. It was nice having someone to care about me. “Maybe I am really a woman, and the fall made me lose my memory” I thought. When we got to what I think is our car, he helped me get in, and kissed me. I felt a little aroused. “Well, I guess I am right. I am a woman” I thought.

Days have passed by, and I haven’t been able to remember my life. I still have memories of being a man, but I decided to not tell anyone. I just went with the flow, pretending to have lost my memory from the fall. It got easier to cope with it once I had sex with my husband.


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