Aaron sat the bed and felt two new sensations: his tits were hanging out and he felt an emptiness where his cock used to be. Forget the tickling hair.

He’d cheated, and knew that it was wrong, but he hadn’t known that his wife was an amateur witch.

She gave him what he wanted, which was pussy, except that he got it in a way he’d never expected. He now had a cunt just like his conquests. He could feel it slippery and deep within him, and what bothered him most was that he wanted something hard to fill it but he couldn’t provide it. Aaron realized that he’d better start calling himself Anna from on, and he’d better get dressed before going outside to buy something to fill his void. He placed his hands on his thighs and decided to woman up as his tits lay between his upper arms.

This was only the start of Anna’s journey to womanhood. In a mere six weeks, she experienced her period and then was knocked up by some guy just like the one Aaron used to be. She knelt on the bed and prayed for her baby and a good man to rescue her from single motherhood. Not some cheater.


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