The dream (New job 3)

After having the weirdest day of my life, I fell asleep with quite an ease. In my dream I wasn’t wearing anybody suit, I was back to my maleself. I filled up my bathtub, and got in. The water was warm, and the soap I was using was relaxing. A few minutes after I noticed my skin was getting kind of wrinkly, so I started peeling it off. With each chunk I took, I revealed a feminine body below it. When I was done, I was a girl again. But this time, I wasn’t scared, it just felt right. I stayed in the tub for hours, just relaxing, admiring my new body.

Then I heard an alarm clock ring. I woke up. I looked down, noticing I was still a woman. Which made strangely happy. I stood up, took a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs to have breakfast. I didn’t knwo much about the house I was living at, but I didn’t give it any thought. When I was ready, I called a cab again. And asked the driver to take me to my former employer, I needed a way out, or at least answers.

to be continued


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