The dream

I woke up soaked in sweat. ‘That creepy dream again’, I thought. I got up and went downstairs to have some breakfast. My mother was already awake and had prepared porridge for the both of us.
“Good morning.” I said with a sleepy voice.
“Good morning, Julia. Glad you woke up at last.”
I looked at the clock. It was 1 pm already. “It’s Sunday, Mom. Not like I’m doing anything today anyway.”
“You shall be forgiven.”, she smiled and handed me a bowl of porridge.
I started eating, then I remembered my dream from last night. Thinking of it sent shivers down my spine. And of course my nosy mother noticed immediately.
“What’s wrong? Everything alright with you?”
“Just a bad dream I had last night. Kinda creepy.”
“Why don’t you tell me! Best way to get it out of your system.”

I hesitated for a second. Then I asked “Mom… what happened to Dad again?”
For a moment I thought I saw an angry impression on my mother’s face, but I couldn’t tell. She answered “Why, dear, I have told you so many times. He died of a heart attack three months before you were born. Why do you ask?”
“It’s just… I ceep having this dream about him.” Mom’s face seemed to get darker as I said those words. “In fact, in that dream I am him. And you are about to kill me. Every time you tie me to a chair and then you get a syringe and inject me with some potion and then… I wake up.”
“Good thing it is just a dream. Your father was a very caring husband and I know he would love you as much as I do, if he were still here.” She finished her breakfast, took her and my bowl and put them in the sink.
“I know it’s just a dream. Still, it is making me feel a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh dear, If you like, we can talk about it a little more, when I get back from the hospital. But my shift starts in an hour and I need to get going. Will you clean up the kitchen, please?”
“Okay”, I answered a little relieved not having to talk about it right now.
She kissed me on the cheek, then grabbed her purse and left the house. “See ya, tonight.”
I sat there for a moment, not really thinking anything. Then I went upstairs to take a shower. I took off my top and my panties and stepped under the shower. While washing my body I noticed my nipples were pretty stiff. I started washing my breasts and suddenly began to moan. I got more and more aroused, then my right hand went down to my crotch as if it was having its own will.
When I touched my clitoris I almost slipped, but could just avoid it by grabbing the shower head.
I cleared my head. ‘Whats wrong today?’, I asked myself. I stepped out of the shower and put on a fresh pair of panties and a new top. Last I slipped into some leggings and went downstairs to clean up the kitchen.
I grabbed the garbage bag out of the bin. One of the straps was ripped, so the contents of the bag fell down to the floor, when I lifted it up. I grabbed a new bag put on some gloves and began putting the trash into it.
I noticed something odd lying between those old packagings. I took a closer look at it. What I saw seemed to be a weird looking syringe…


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