What if…

“Another boring day at work.” Edd thought to himself as he waited for a customer to move from in front of the price tag he needed to replace.
“What could possibly make this day any better” Edd continued as the customer spotted the items he was looking for and bent at the hip, displaying his rather bony butt to Edd. “like, what if… this customer was a girl.
“eep!” Edd was drawn back to reality by a feminine squeak as the customer rose with a rather embarrassed look on her cute face.
“Oh, I guess she was just an androgynous girl” the customer bent over again, wiggling her cute butt as she continued looking at the stock.
“I could have sworn she was a guy, but with a skinny body like this, who could blame me? What if this customer was a HOT girl…”
“Ah!” Edd again is brought back to reality with another feminine cry, and is startled by the generous booty in full view.
The voluptuous girl rises “what happened to the other girl” the new girl’s breasts jiggle alluringly as she turns down the aisle
“she looks so much like her” Edd stares at the girls swinging hips as she walks away
“wait, did my thoughts…” Edd begins to question before he notices the tent in his pants. “Fuck, might as well” he mumbles before he calls out to the woman.
“What if… you… were Japanese?
“wha… I… eh… Ehh! the woman begins to answer before letting out an involuntary moan
Her face starts to change shape as her skin changes tone, and her hair changes from brown to black, lengthens and pulls itself back.
Staring a rather confused looking asian woman in the eye, Edd is overcome with immense glee, as he begins to unbutton his pants and ask the woman one last question.
“What if you gave me a blowjob right here, right now?”
The woman licks her lips, before pouncing upon her new lover…


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