The best of two worlds

Henry was furiosly stomping up the stairs in his now much bigger body. The sound from the impacts reverberated in the house, both alerting Darren about his arrival and of his current mood (which was pissed).

He was Darren sitting on his bed with this big idiotic grin on his face and his hand clutching the gem they had found the other day.
“What the hell, man?”, Henry shouted and gestured at his current body. Fuck, he sounded exactly like Darrens sister.
Darrens big grin on his face impossibly got even bigger.
“I mean, come on! Your sister? Sheesh! You fix this right now!”, Henry demanded with his hands firmly placed on his hips.
Darren was just about to respond when his phone rang. Henry managed to glimpse that the caller was using his phone to make the call. It sounded like his original voice as well. “Can I come over?”, he heard it say.
“Sure. Come right away”. Darren hung up and focused on Henry again.
“Well?”, Henry began, “Is she coming?
“Nope”, Darren said haughtily.
“Liar! I heard you say that she would be over”.
“That was my good friend Henry on the phone. He will be here after he´s finished with his homework”.
Darren began childisly playing around with the gem. “I might have used the gem to desire that my sister was more like my friend Henry”.
“Are you telling me that there´s two of me running around?”, Henry was shocked.
“No. There´s Henry and there´s you. And my sister Hannah´s personality will seep into your Henry-personality and make youa better not so snotty sister for me. I mean, look at you. You even stand stand like her when she gets mad at me”.
Henry in Hannah felt a chill travel through his body. It was true, but it felt so natural standing like this when berating her brother. His brother, she correcter himself.
“I don´t care! Fix this or I tell mom…err…your mom”.
“Haha! It´s happening!”, Darren gleefully said. “Wanna play PS4?”
“Sure!”. Wait a minute, she didn´t like playing console games? “But Gears of War is great fun though”, Henry thought. But on the other side she should be getting ready for the party in the evening.
Darren noticed the indecision. “Or we could play Smash Bros on the Wii. You, me and Henry”.
Her head began to spin around. “But I`m Henry…..”, her voice trailed off, insecure of what was true.
“No, you are Hannah!”, Darren smelled victory. “You like doing stuff that I like doing. We are the best siblings ever!”
“I`m Hannah?”
“You are Hannah. I promise”.
“Hey Darren! Hey Darrens bratty sister!”, Henry said when he entered the room after a quick dash up the stairs.
Everything fell into place all of sudden. She was Hannah and liked hanging around with her smaller brother, doing stuff together. Films, comic books, games. They had much in common. And Henry was their friend.
“Hey Henry. Wanna play Smash Bros?”, she asked him.
Henry stopped midstep, speechless. “huh?”
“Or are you afraid of losing to a girl?”, she mocked him.
Henry cast a glance towards Darren who just nodded with his head.
“Um, ok?”
“Great! I´ll go down and start it up!”, Hannah beamed and ran down the stairs.

Henry was dumbfounded. “What happened to her?” he asked Darren.
“Oh, I just used the gem to make her a little bit more like us”, he grinned.

And that´s the story of how the Hannah Sanders became known as the hot nerd girl in her school.


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