The Teacher and The Student

The eager students, one by one, left the dojo. The training was too harsh and the efforts they put in felt unrewarding. Jonathan was the last student remaining; not because he could handle the training, but because he was a novice student yet to receive the harsh training from the teacher.

Jonathan could see that the stoic teacher trembling with emotion–sadness or anger, Jonathan could not exactly tell–which was a rare sight to see. The teacher was brushing his long white beard, as if he was picturing himself to be as miserable as possible. Jonathan also wanted to leave the dojo (despite having already paid the $55/month membership), but he had lost his timing. Now, the teacher and Jonathan was sitting across each other, staring at each other. Jonathan did not know what to do.

“As you can probably tell by now,” spoke the teacher, “You’re my last student. Are you going to leave soon?” The voice had no attempt at concealing disappointment.

“I won’t leave your dojo so easily,” spoke Jonathan. Damn it! he thought to himself. Out of politeness he said something he had no consideration of. Staying at this dojo falling apart. But the teacher was already delighted and smiling. Jonathan couldn’t hurt this old man’s feeling. “I see!” the teacher shouted in joy, “In that case… I might teach you the secret move I learned long ago. Surely you’ll like it.”

Jonathan kept a pretense of being interested. He thought to himself, he will have to listen to this old man ramble for awhile, and then make some lame excuse. He will understand, Jonathan thought. The teacher, not seeing the slight frown on Jonathan’s face, went on with his teachings. He held onto a training mannequin, and told Jonathan where to grab and press on the specific parts of the body.

Jonathan, while listening, had a bright idea. He’ll disappoint the teacher by being incredibly rude. Without hesitation, Jonathan grabbed the teacher and tried the secret move on the teacher. “Like this?” Jonathan asked with a hint of smile. Surely the teacher would disapprove of him being such oblivious to teacher-student respect.

But then, the teacher’s body was trembling and shrinking. “Incredible!” The teacher shouted. His white hair was darkening, and his beard disappeared. The teacher’s muscles thinned out, while his hips and breasts seem to expand. The teacher had became a young woman. “The move I taught you is something I learned back in China. Nobody in the history of 2,000 years has successfully completed this enemy-transforming move at their first try! You were a prodigy! A genius!”

Jonathan was lost. What just happened? The teacher just became a woman, and he found out he was some sort of genius. But he soon understood what was going on, and thought it was quite sweet. A gender bending move!

“Now, for this discovery of your talent I’ll forgive your rudeness of putting your hand on me without permission.” The teacher said. “Beside, this change is only temporary–unless I would be forcefully fornicated.” The teacher explained.

Well, Jonathan had a growing interesting in learning more of these things, but preferred a female teacher to a male one… so…


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