The guys stopped the car in an empty place.

“Get out, bitch!”

Bitch is the only way they call me now, and to think it used to be ‘boss’ before, only makes everything even more humiliating.

“But… Micky spared my life; you know that and…”

They look at each other and laugh loud.

“Oh no, no, no, bitch. We’re not gonna kill you. The new boss thinks you’re still useful. We agree. That’s why you came. Now, get out.” Nick, the smaller one and the guy that one day, not a long time ago, used to look up to me, said, getting out of the car.

I was sat in the backseat and slowly opened the door while the two men stretch their body out of the car.

I thought about running away, but with this new body, they would certainly catch me and then things would get very worse.

Ron, the bigger guy, one of my best muscle guys, well, not mine anymore, looks at me with a nasty smile that sent chills all over my body.

“Come, bitch. You’re our relieve toy now. And I need some relief!” Nick said, already unbuttoning his pants.

“I’m not really a girl, guys. You know that! You really want to…” I tried to avoid the next situation. They laugh loud again.

“You seem pretty good to me, bitch.” Nick said with his dick already out of his pants. “Don’t you think, Ron?” The big guy just opens his smile a little more and nod. His cock was also out.

“Come on guys, please, I’m still big old Al. Please…” Ron smile immediately finish with my pleas, then I knew I was

Nick grabbed my ass while Ron went for my head. In minutes I had two cocks inside me. Ron’s hand was held my head firmly, and Nick fondled and gave playful slaps on my asscheeks.

At times like this, I regret having implored Micky for my life when he usurped my organization. He somehow turned me into a chick, the whole deal. Tits and pussy included, and now I’m my own men’s bitch serving them in the most degrading ways.


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