Teenage Rebellion

Robby DeLorain’s mom must’ve had a stick up her ass. So much nagging, so many rules, such a rigid moral code–every day Robby had to hear her harp on and on about things that were WRONG and things he COULDN’T DO.

“No sex outside of marriage, Robby!”

“No smoking cigarettes, Robby!”

“Transexuals are the Devil’s servants on Earth, Robby!”

So Robby couldn’t help but think back and laugh at the fact he was breaking all three of those rules right now–fucking a guy he met in a bar with his new vagina as he took drags on his cigarette and watched his large breasts sway with the in-and-out motion.

Robby wondered how much of his decision to use his one wish to gain a sexy female body was due to the very fact it stood for everything his mother was against. Was his brand new life mostly due to an internal desire to spite his mother? Was this all just an act of glorified teenage rebellion?

Robby supposed it didn’t really matter. All he knew right now was that the feeling of this stud’s thick cock sliding in and out of his pussy felt so good, and he wasn’t about to go back to being a moody teenage boy after that.


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