Take it

Chris moaned in his fiance’s body but felt a hint of danger. They’d already climaxed twice today, and didn’t the spell say something about not getting to 3?

“Karen,” he said, turning his head around. “This has been an enjoyable and enlightening experiment, but I think it’s gone far enough. We should stop now and swap back now that we’ve both learned what it’s like on the other side of fence.” He moaned as another big O hit him, and although he liked it he hoped that it would be the last female orgasm he’d ever have to experience. He wanted his dick back.

The thrusts continued unabated. “Karen?!” He turned to look and saw only a smirk. “Karen, this isn’t funny! We both read the spell, and it clearly stated that 3 times would seal the spell. As much as I’ve enjoyed learning about you in a unique way, I want my male rights back. No doubt you want your pussy back. Weren’t you always the feminist crusader marching in V-Day parades and…ooh!” he said as Karen started thrusting harder.

Karen paused for one moment and said: “Yes, I campaigned for female rights; but that was before I had a penis, honey. Your cock. It’s MY dick now, baby, so just shut up and take it, ‘cuz I’m Chris and you’re Karen now, you got it?” she said as she resumed pounding.

“Karen…oh no, no no, noooo!” he exclaimed as she erupted into his cunny from behind, sealing him in her form. They truly had switched places in body and mind. After a pause, the new Karen got up and checked herself in the mirror. “Chris honeybun,” she said shyly, biting her finger. “May I cook you dinner now?”

Chris simply nodded and said: “I’ll take it, thanks honey.”


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