Tale of a Newborn Werewoman

About a month ago, I met this girl at a bar and we hung out for a bit but then I took her back to my place and we had a good old time. This girl was a lioness in bed and she seemed nice enough for me to try and keep this thing going for a while. However when I woke up the next morning, I found a note on the pillow which read,

“Sorry for not saying good-bye in person. You’re a sweet guy and I hope you find hte right girl because it isn’t me. Have a good life. Love, Sam.” At first I was a little sad but I knew not to dwell on it too much so I got up and continued my life.

For the most part, everything was normal. I went to work at the Daily Patron as a freelance photographer: my photos for a section of the paper about night life in my city. As I delivered three of my newest photos to my boss, I got my usual paycheck of two hundred bucks; it’s not much but it keeps me living in my apartment. As I walked out of my boss’ office, I took notice to the secretary’s blue high heel shoes and in my mind I adored them and wanted a pair of my own. I started talking with her about fashion, men, and other thing that I would have never talked about before. She asked me,

“So if you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been gay?” My mind snapped back to normality and I confirmed,

“I’m…I’m not gay. I guess I just have a strong connection to my feminine side.” Quickly she apologized,

“Oh, Jack! Sorry, I hope I didn’t offend.” I just shrugged with a smile,

“Eh, don’t worry about it.” We said our goodbyes and I left the building feeling confused about the past half an hour.

For the next few weeks, things got stranger. I was buying better hair products, watching chick flicks, and…when I masturbated I fantasized about celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Goslin. What the hell was happening to me? Then I learned…

It was a full moon one night and as I took a sip of some water, my body began to heat up and I suddenly felt my ass cheeks expand big time. I dropped to the ground as pleasure went through my entire body as it changed. My black hair grew into long blonde hair with black roots, my chest grew into D sized breasts, my manhood shriveled inside me and formed a tight and wet vagina. As I had an orgasm, I let out a long sensual feminine moan and felt my body change more and more until nothing was left of my old one.

I stood up and looked into the mirror to see quite possibly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was….me? I couldn’t believe it. First a look of fright, then a smile, then fright again. Of course this was a shock but a part of me felt…normal as this blonde beauty. I was feeling so feminine for a month that the change feels more natural. Then I heard something: a knock at the door. I quickly put on a robe then moved to the door to see my best friend: John holding a six pack of beers as he looked surprised,

“Oh! Ma’am! Sorry, I didn’t know Jack was having company. I can come back another time.” My heart began pumping wildly, my mind raced, and I began to feel slightly wet down below again. But I’m a…a… Fuck it. I’m a woman and I wanted him right then!

“Oh, it’s all right. I’m John’s cousin from out of town, he’s letting me borrow the place. He’s gotta…” My virgin vagina got wetter staring at him and so I quickly licked my lips, “Get work done tonight. He’s out shooting some pictures. Wanna…wanna come in?” It didn’t take long before we were on the bed and I was bouncing my pussy up and down on his hard and huge cock. It was heaven, like this was what I should have been for years: a woman. As we fucked, I had just figured it out! Sam! She must have been like me! She had sex with me and she bit my neck. She made me into this. Too bad I didn’t get her phone number because I would LOVE to thank her for this. I decided not to bite John even though I guess this curse gives me a natural want to do that and so after sex I introduced myself,

“My name’s June.” After that things got better, I managed to find Sam who told me her real name is Samuel Everett. Apparently Werewoman have existed for ages and some famous people were Werewomen: Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Beckinsale, Emma Stone (who got bit when she was a teenager), etc. The rules are that if you can have sex without biting the man, the change is permanent. On Eclipses, the Werewoman Clans come together to go on a Biting Spree. I chose not to join any clans and I decided to use my mind and this new body to upgrade my life.

Five years later, I’m now the editor in chief for the Daily Patron, I live in a Penthouse, and my life is ten times better now. Thanks Sam. Ooh, the new photographer just came in; he’s kind of cute. Hmm, maybe biting once won’t hurt. Time to make a new sister.


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