Taking the shot.

It was meant to be my brother’s stag party. We’d had a few drinks, even had a stripper turn up and were off to the clubs to celebrate my siblings last night as a free man.

Shame that the one he chose is a right bitch.

I figured it was a pretty good night honestly. The only thing that ruined the night was me and my depression over losing my brother to the hag. So i did the honourable thing, nutted up and went to the bar to drown my sorrows away.

Course being drunk meant that i didn’t even hesitate to down the shot that the bartender promised would wash my troubles away.

Noticing i’m in a hot blonde in a little red dress sure sobered me up. But its an opportunity i’m not going to waste.
So now i have one last chance to convince him not to waste his life. First step is figuring out where the hell is he.


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