Radical Fertility Treatment

This is my life now, swollen tits and swollen belly. I know it was my choice but it doesn’t make it any easier. When my wife and I were struggling to conceive we decided to see a fertility specialist. My wife insisted we see the top rated doctor, who just so happened to be my high school bully. I was nervous to go to his practice but my wife insisted. Then I was thrilled when he said their was nothing medically wrong with us and that sometimes it just took couples a while to conceive. I thought we were done until he dropped a bomb on me that would change my life forever. He said that we would make perfect candidates for a new fertility treatment that would guarantee we would be pregnant soon. I made the mistake of asking why we were perfect candidates and he smirked and said “Well James really you are the one that is the perfect candidate. You know with your… well medically speaking I would classify it as an over-sized clit.” I blushed as my wife giggled “What?” she said when I turned to her “We all know its small”
“Yes we do” the doctor agreed “Anyway, because its so small you will have an easy transition to your new body. You see the procedure switches your genders so that James you will actually be the one who carries the baby.”
“What?!? How is this easier than just having a baby the old fashioned way?” I asked
“Well in my experience men with over-sized clits have a much harder time impregnating women than their full male counterparts. Besides, you two probably don’t notice but when Jessica here is fully engorged her clit is already about the same size as yours.”
I opened my mouth to object but I was cut off by Jessica saying “Oh I’ve noticed” in a matter-of-fact tone.
“So you see when she becomes male her member will likely be several times larger than your current clit is. It will makes things more enjoyable for both of you and help you conceive.” After that there was no arguing with Jessica she wanted the treatment and I had to get on board or get a divorce. So here I am washing up in my seventh month of pregnancy eagerly waiting for my husband Jessie to come home with that huge cock of his so that he can work out the days frustrations on my eager pussy, I guess I really should stop pretending that I’m unhappy with how this all turned out.


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