Femjuice – The Beginning

I was tired of always failing at picking up girls. I don’t understand why they always choose douche-bags and losers! Well I’m going to get rid of my competition. After thinking long and hard of how to accomplish this, I finally decided to find a way to turn them into girls. From that moment on I spent every spare moment researching and experimenting.

It’s been 9 months since I started and I’m so close. My big break came with stem cells. I discovered that I could combine the stem cell with female dna and then that cell would attack male XY cells. The new cell would then take the place of the old one. My new challenge is figuring out how to get the girl to produce these cells as well as deliver them to the guy.

I’m 11 months in and I finally found the solution to my problem. I looked at how the mammary glands worked and with some slight modifications I was able to get them to produce the female stem cells. On top of that, when a guy sucked on the girls boobs he would get dosed with the serum. You’re asking where I got female boobs to practice on? Well I was able to get some chimpanzees to research with. The serum came out rather clear in color. I started calling it femjuice. Now I didn’t want the girls to be able to empty their own boobs to prevent them turning guys so I also modified the lactating method so they wouldn’t release juice unless vaginal stimulation was occurring.

Finally, one year later I’m ready to pick my first subject to infect. Unfortunately, due to how the femjuice works, it has to come from the breasts to transform a guy so my first subject has to be a girl. I scouted for a few weeks and I found a pair of girls who went to the same place on Friday and Saturday nights and they always went home with a different guy. It was the kind of girl that never chose my type either. Being my first subject, I wanted to be sure I could oversee their progress so I came up with the perfect scheme. For it to work I had to pick the girl with the smaller boobs. Here is a picture of her. She is on the right. How did I get it you ask? Well last week they asked me to take their picture. I used my camera first and said oops, I then used their cameras.

I waited until the bar got busy and then when she came up to the bar to order drinks I asked her if she would do a shot with me. Of course she said yes so while we waited we made small talk. I told her I was a doctor and I specialized in sudden changes to the body. I handed her a fake business card with my cell # on it and watched as she put it in her purse. When the shots arrived I asked her if she was here alone as I knew she would turn to point out her friend. When she turned I quickly took her shot of Vodka and then filled the glass with the femjuice. When she turned back to face me I said “so you you’re here with the hot tan girl with the long brown girl.” I handed her the femjuice shot and said “here’s to being sexier than your friends”. We took the shots and I handed her a lemon so she could counter the taste. I told her I was calling it a night and said have a good time dancing with your friend. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for the shot.

I now had to sit back and wait until she called me. As a backup plan I needed to follow and watch her from a distance and find a way to bump into her if she doesn’t call me. I watched her for about 3 weeks before she finally called me. Each week her breasts grew in size as they filled up with the femjuice her mammary glands produced.

Hey doc Frank. This is Jill. We met at Elixir a few weeks ago and you bought me a shot. Well I have been experiencing rapid changes and I was wondering if you could see me asap?

Hi Jill. Of course I remember you. I’m sorry to hear that. I am booked solid for the next 2 weeks but I can make an exception for you and make a house-call after hours today. Where do you live? …. Got it. I’ll be there at 5:30 tonight.

Knock knock. Hey Jill, so what kinds of changes are you having?

Come in and let me show you. It’s kind of awkward but I’m freaked out. So my breasts are growing at an alarming rate. You saw me a few weeks ago. Here, let me take off my shirt so you can see for yourself.

When I examined Jill she was about a d-cup. She went from a b to a d in 3 weeks. Very impressive I thought. The femjuice builds quickly. At this rate, those dbags will be out of my way in no time.

Tell me Jill, have you done a pregnancy test?

Yes, and it was negative.

Then I’m afraid to tell you that you’ve become infected with femjuice. Your breasts will continue to grow in size as the femjuice collects. The only way to reduce their size is to have sex with men and let them feed off your breasts.

What is femjuice Frank and how did I get it?

Femjuice is a liquid that comes from the breasts similar to how milk is produced. It makes men act more girly and be more in tune with a girl’s needs. It’s not a bad thing, imagine your boyfriend being able to connect with you better. As for how you got it, we don’t really know how it is spread. We think it’s a new form of an STD.

I knew I was lying to Jill but I needed her to spread it to guys without feeling guilty.

Well Jill, I must get home, I have a busy day tomorrow.

Thanks doc.

That weekend I get a call from Jill at 3 am.

Frank! I was having sex with this guy I picked up at the club. As he was fucking me missionary position my boobs started lactating the femjuice. I asked him to lick my nipple. As he licked it he started sucking too. He said he couldn’t resist the taste of the juice. Once my left breast was empty the guy was changing into a girl! I watched as he started to form breasts. I told him to stop drinking my juice because it was changing him. Instead, he kept fucking me and started sucking on my right breast. He said it tastes too good and he can’t stop himself. I was getting close to orgasming so I didn’t want him to stop. After I had my orgasm I felt his dick slide out of me. He continued to suck on my tit and I just watched as his dick shrank. Right before my eyes I saw him develop a pussy! By the time my right boob was empty he was completely a girl.

I’m sorry Jill, I should’ve told you but I knew you would resist and then your boobs would be too big and causing you other problems. I really had your best interests at heart. Don’t feel too guilty, after all, how do you feel now?

I feel great! But that poor guy!

Ask him how he feels about it.

He says he’s actually happy and can’t wait to experience womanhood. I guess he is hot too.

In the following weeks Jill has turned 3 more guys and the first guy to change has now used her femjuice to change her first guy as well.

Wicked smile 🙂


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