Taking me back – The 90´s

“Cool. I haven´t seen this place before”, Sam said to himself and headed inside the thrift shop.

It was well managed with all items catalogued and displayed impeccably. Books in one corner of the shop, all of them sorted through age and genre. Furniture was placed in accordance to what they were used for.
And it just went on and on. Sam was impressed.

There were locked glass cabinets scattered all around the store, containing various items, often quite mundane things. On top of them there was a sign describing the contents to some degree. One sign read: “Manly men stuff”, for example, and Sam could see a pair of old dumbbells, a mustache comb, a straight razor, and a bunch of other items. All of them looked old but in good condition.

Sam wandered around the shop a little bit more when one of the glass cabinets caught his attention. It was filled with old 90´s stuff, a time when he himself had been young. He recognized much of the items inside and when he saw the sign he chuckled to himself. “Take yourself back. The 90´s”. It was so true. Fond memories of his own youth flashed past him and filled him with an nostalgic warmth.
He continued to look inside of it and when walking around he noticed that this particular cabinet was unlocked. He looked around left and right. The temptation was too great. He had to try the things inside.

There was an old Tamagotchi, without batteries of course. A Sony Walkman. A pair of heart shaped glasses….
His hand hovered over the glasses and he felt how his hand tingled a little.
Something made him drawn to them.
Sam picked them up and inspected them. They looked brand new, not a dent or scratch anywhere.
His hands trembled as he moved them up to his face and put them on.
A sharp pain hit his temples and a blinding light filled his vision.

“You look absolutely gorgeous in them. You will definately be the hottest girl around at the *NSYNC concert”, he heard the voice of an overly excited teenage girl say.
His vision quickly came back to him. From his black-tinted glasses he could see a girls room, walls filled by posters of various boybands and an excessive amount of pink.
“wha-“, he began to say but cut it short when he heard his new voice for the first time. It was a high soprano that caught him off guard.
“What, what?”, the girl in front of him wondered. “I promise, one of them will definately see you when we stand there at the front row”, she said with a dreamy grin.
“Yeah. Absolutely. Um, I´ll have to go to the bathroom”

Sam locked the door to the bathroom and let out a sigh of relief. At last he could be alone and figure out what did just happen.
One look into the mirror told him that he wasn´t himself anymore. The reflection showed a young girl, no more than sixteen but very well developed. Well, he was well developed, he figured when he looked down his clevage.
All the stuff around him, he recognized it from his childhood. The clothes, the bottles, the colors, the fashion styles and the lack of certain technologies he had grown accustomed to.
It was hard to believe but he had travelled back in time to the 90´s. And into a girls body no less.
Sam grinned. With his knowledge of the future he could become rich.

He flushed the toilet to keep up appearances.
When he opened the door Kelly began to tap her watch to make Sam wary of the time. They had to go soon.
(How did he know her name was Kelly?)

He had planned to say that he didn´t feel well and decide to stay home, but he all of sudden wanted to really see that concert. Thinking of Chris, Joey, Justin, JC, and Lance made him giddy.
(How could he ever know their names. He didn´t know their names even in the future)

“Chill out. I`m ready. Mom is ready to drive us to the venue”, Sam said to Kelly

He fixed his dress and felt satisfied how it hugged his curves. Kelly didn´t lie when she said that she would be the prettiest girl around.
“Where´s my purse? I just had it.”, Sam looked around.
“Behind you”
Sam turned around and picked up her purse to check it had the lipgloss she wanted. “There it is!”

The minute hand on the clock ticked. A female voice was heard shouting from downstairs: “Samantha! Kelly! Hurry up! We´re going to be late!”
Samantha became very excited. It was time to go! “We´re coming mom!”
The two girls dashed down the stairs in their heels and went on to have the best night in their life.

As for the future Samantha didn´t care much anymore, she had more important things to think about, like one of the cute boys at school for example.


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