Taking her place

“Is this for real? Am i really in Amber’s body?” Victor said with disbelief. “This is so unreal” Victor grabbed his chest. He tried not to freak out by the new sensations he was reciving from this body. His butt felt so huge like he was sitting on a pillow or something. Victor gently touched all the features of his face “Guess there’s no more shaving for me, at least on the face” He chuckled a little, but the whole situation didn’t amuse him.

Amber was his best friend’s girlfriend and she just forced him to swap bodies with her by using a wierd spell book. She told him she needs a break from her exhausting family and somehow she thought that Victor will deal with them better than her. Besides he knew her boyfriend for so long he would definitely know his needs. What frightened him was that he didn’t knew how long he would stay like this, Amber was in no rush to go back. Victor had hard times before him, he had no idea how to pretend to be her or how long he will be able to fool his friend. What if he notices something or if he ask for sex, should he do it with his friend? Victor was getting a headache from all of this. For now he should focus on little things. He stood up straight and took a deep breath “First i need to get some clothes, i can’t stay in underwear all day”.


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