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Becoming Stephanie

It’s good to feel comfortable with myself again. After a long process of adjusting into this body I’m able to smile again. I wasn’t always a woman, before the great shift I was a man named Mike. Read more

Difficult situation

“This is bad, this is so freaking bad. How the hell i’m supposed to get out of this” Travis said begining to panic. He took a day off from work since he didn’t feel well. Knowing his roommate Mark won’t be around for some time he decided to have some fun. He pulled down his pants and masturbated in the living room. “Finally some privacy” Travis said doing his work. He imagined Mark’s girlfriend, Stephanie. He had a crush on her but since she was taken that was the only thing he could do, masturbate to her image. His thoughts drifted towards Stephanie as he stroked. The momen he was about to reach orgasm his world twisted and Travis found himself in an unfamiliar bathroom. “Holy crap!” Travis almost screamed seeing Stephanie’s reflection staring back at him in the mirror. He touched his face, feeling how soft and smooth it is. Her two firm breasts caugh his attention as he stood there only in Stephanie’s panties.
“Are you comming cutie?” He heard a man’s voice he didn’t recognize. “That’s not Mark. Oh my god, she is cheating on him!” Travis realized what is happening. “Damn it! Why i had to end up in her body in a moment like this” Travis didn’t had any idea what he is going to do. Should he run, make an excuse, tell his friend? Or maybe he could just go with the flow and enjoy some sex while in Stephanie’s body.

He’s mine

Martin was stalking Evan and Wendy since Evan broke up with him. He was shocked when Evan told him he’s actually bisexual, and he wants to try out with a girl. Martin hated Wendy for stealing his boyfriend, he promised to himself that he will take him back and today was this day. Read more

Taking her place

“Is this for real? Am i really in Amber’s body?” Victor said with disbelief. “This is so unreal” Victor grabbed his chest. He tried not to freak out by the new sensations he was reciving from this body. His butt felt so huge like he was sitting on a pillow or something. Victor gently touched all the features of his face “Guess there’s no more shaving for me, at least on the face” He chuckled a little, but the whole situation didn’t amuse him. Read more