Taking compensation by force

I was old. Old and sick of the way I had been treated througout my life. The same went for my old buddies. Hell the same went for pretty much everyone in my generation. Espescially those who fought in the war. We were the ones who put our lives on the line for our country and a lot of us made the ultimate sacrifice, but when we came home victorious, were we welcomed home? No, we were ridiculed, called murderers for fighting the war the people originally supported. Our sacrifice brought an age of prosperity that those who came after us were now enjoying. What’s worse is now the younger generation has grown to feel they owe nothing to their elders, pushing for further cuts to funding for military veterans.
Well, me and my buddies weren’t gonna have any of it. It was happenstance that began our plan. My old seargent came across a spell that could swap us into any body we chose. We contacted everyone from our old unit that was still alive. There were twenty of us when we were ready to set our plan into motion.
We booked ourselves a weekend at a luxury resort known to be popular with college students belonging to rich families. We figured if we were going to take over someone’s life, we might as well pick from the cream of the crop. As expected, we did not receive a warm welcome at the resort, only receiving the cold courtesy that came with paying for the room.
Despite this, my comrades seemed to be getting cold feet. When it came right down to it, taking over someone’s life seemed wrong. Even I was struggling with the morality of what we were doing. That is until I came across her.
I was walking through the lobby to meet with my friend. We were going to have a meeting to decide if we were going to go through with our plan after all. A pretty brunette walking by me gave me a disgusted scowl, muttering under her breath how she wished old people would just go away already. In the heat of the moment I cast the spell. There was no real sensation when the spell activated. I was simply in my body on instant and in hers the next. I now had the body of a young college girl. It wasn’t what I had in mind when I came here. I had planned on taking the body of a healthy young man, but it was too late now. My old body had a look of utter confusion as I quickly made my way to my friends.
I decided to make a grand entrance and stripped out of my bikini before I entered the room. Everyone fell silent as they stared at me as a sauntered in, trying to look sexy, even doing a little twirl. I couldn’t help but laugh at all the stunned faces.
It took a while for it to settle in that I was who I said I was, but my actions seemed to make up everyone else’s mind on the matter at hand. Everyone was going to go through with it. The rest of the weekend was a blast as more and more of my friends cast their spells. It was fun to see who they chose. I was really surprised by just how many followed my example and swapped into a female body, though looking at just how sexy they all were it was easy to see why. Though it took some time and it wasn’t really given to us, we finally felt we were fairly compensated for the sacrifices we had made.


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