Take Cover

Hannah (left) gave George (right) a goodbye kiss, a kiss that not only showed her affection towards him, but magically changed him. This was to disguise him so that he would not be caught by the gang after him. He tried to leave the gang, and this was something they would not allow with all the knowledge he had about them.

As George peered over his left shoulder, worried about them coming for him, he hadn’t yet realized he was changed… clothing and all, into a cute blonde prostitute. As “he” realized his hair was softer and longer, swishing with his head as he turned back to face his girlfriend Hannah, he realized something was off as she smiled at him.

“I’m sorry George, but this is the best disguise I can come up with out here, as there are many out here like you are now, they would never suspect you as your old self, or that you even “knew” where your old self went! We will talk later, but for now I’m going to leave town. Goodbye,” said Hannah before running to her car to escape, the gang knowing somewhat of who she was, but she wasn’t certain how much.

That’s when George realized his hole body felt different, and looked down, with long blonde strands of hair in his face, and was stunned for the moment. He was looking at the body of a petite, yet well shaped woman! He was a woman! He could feel he had modest boobs now, and his crotch was entirely flat against the tight white skirt now around his much larger hips, thighs, and buttocks! He seen his legs were shapely and encased in fishnets, his smaller feet now perched up in high heels! He nearly stumbled trying to walk in these heels, but soon had to try, because he didn’t want to be out in the parking lot by himself, even if the gang would not recognize him now. Upon what he had felt an seen so far, he realized one fact, his girlfriend Hannah disguised him as a hooker, and this was because this part of town was full of them. He would “blend in” with them for now!

What he hadn’t planned on was how long it would take for his girlfriend to call him again! It took the better part of the day, and he tried to “lay low” but dressed as he was in that body he now had, it was difficult, and he already had several propositions! Finally his girlfriend called before dark.

“I’m sorry George, but I had to keep driving until I could get to a safe place. I’m in a wooded area, in a lone cabin, I broke in, and have been getting warm by the fireplace. I will give you directions, but you will have to come to me, it’s too risky as the gang may see me if I come back. The cabin is just outside town, but with those shoes I seen the spell gave you, it might be difficult walking. Try to get a ride if you can,” she said.

“Hannah, this is strange to say the least. I’ve been a woman all day, and I’m dressed like a prostitute. I’ve been hit on several times, and lucky I haven’t been picked up forcefully! Wow, this voice is so strange even, I even sound the part. You’ve got some explaining to do when I get to the cabin, IF I make it there,” George said.

“No worries, Georgette, I’ll explain everything when you get here, and you will,” said Hannah sure of her plan.

“GEORGETTE, are you kidding me right now? Did you have to rub it in that I’m a flipping woman now? I have to admit this body isn’t all bad, it feels kind of nice, but this is just so wrong. I realized you needed to make me blend in though, but at the same time, being a prostitute out here is risky too, you know! I’ll manage to get to you, and then we’ll talk, goodbye Hannah,” George said in his cute sexy voice.

“Goodbye Georgette, I’ll see you when you get here, and I’ve opened a bottle of wine for us to celebrate, escape from that awful gang that you’ve accomplished, with MY help of course,” she said.

George wondered why she kept calling him Georgette, and wanted to get to her quickly. He took a risk, and got a ride with an older lady, someone that wouldn’t cause him trouble. She continuously asked why he was a hooker, and told him he should stop. He just played along, trying to act like he was one, and agreed to quite to get her to quiet down. Eventually she dropped him off on a road near the woods, and he got out of the car, his feet now starting to hurt once again, standing in those heels!

Finally George made it to Hannah, and Hannah said, “Cheers Georgette! We did it! We are together, and you are out of that gang. They will never recognize you with your new body, ever!”

George said, “Um, yes, thank you for helping me, and we are together, but what about the change. They will never recognize me in me new body… ever? Do you plan on keeping me this way or something?”

Hannah said, “Yes, if I change you back they might spot you someday. Like this never! Not only that, but I’m bi anyway, and I have no trouble being with you like you are now, you are hot and wonderful! I think if you give it a chance, you would be much happier too. I can show you the ins and outs of being a woman, we can make an amazing team, Georgette!”

George said, “I don’t know about this, but you are right, they would possibly spot me eventually as myself, but as Georgette, they wouldn’t. Then again you could have just made me into a different looking dude!”

Hannah paused then winked at him, “Um yea, maybe, but you blended in better in that part of town as a hooker didn’t you? Also, I think I like you better this way, much better. Honestly I’m more into women than men, so this works for me, and you are still into me so, what’s the big deal? Is your other body that important? You just need to adjust and you yourself told me on the phone it didn’t feel all that bad. Just think if you had grown up a girl you wouldn’t have even been thinking that way. Just give it a try for me and for you! You might find you are better off and happier, after all I’m a girl, and I love it. Maybe what makes me happy will make you happy too. You don’t know until you try, babe!”

“Georgette” said, “Fine, I’ll try, but lose the Georgette okay? That is just a play on my name as a guy. Uh, call me Harmony, then we can be H&H, and harmony means I’m in harmony with my one true love, you!”

“Harmony it is, fine, and my you are fine to girlfriend,” she said slapping his new butt and making him turn red.


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