Cheerleading highlights

Leon had left Myra in his room after pounding her to submission. He bathed and dressed up in a nice shirt and pants for his date with Lucca, the head cheerleader. From Leon’s memories, Zack knew that she was a slutty one. Lucca loved to dressed like a slut and show off her fit body. Today was no different. When Zack picked Lucca up in Leon’s body, he found her wearing tight latex pants and black bikini top. She had a nice firm butt, toned legs, you could see lines of abdominal muscles on her flat tummy which were sexy and her blonde hair was flowing straight down. Everything turned any guy on but Zack realized something, Lucca trained a lot and her chest was flat as a board. They went out that night for dinner at a beach restaurant and had some drinks. Before they knew it, they were in Lucca’s apartment getting frisky. Leon grabbed and tried to fondle Lucca’s chest and nipples but he knew he couldn’t get excited at Lucca’s flat chest. Zack had an idea, he liquified himself as he was French kissing Lucca and forced himself into her. Inside Lucca’s body, he transformed some of the liquid in Lucca’s body and shaped Lucca’s chest making them bigger, eventually he got them to be double D’s and was satisfied. With Lucca’s erect nipples on her new chest, Zack used Lucca’s fingers to rub his new chest being held barely by her black bikini. Assuming a sultry pose on the table, Zack beckoned Leon with Lucca’s fingers to take her. Leon dropped his pants and snapped Lucca’s tight pants off. One hand went to town rubbing Lucca’s snatch before penetrating her and the other fondled Lucca’s new sensitive double D’s. Before long, Leon had Lucca in a pretzel pounding her while the headboard of the bed kept slamming against the wall. Leon exclaimed in pleasure before Zack used Lucca’s body to get off Leon and drank Leon’s cum not wasting a lick. Zack than pushed Leon on his back with Lucca’s hands before forcing Lucca’s snatch onto Leon’s mouth forcing him to eat him out till he came. Zack in Lucca’s body now had access to more sexual pleasure and fun.


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