Receiving your Revenge

Zack was the star quarterback of his college. His games always went well and the school and fans loved him. The only people who had issues with him were his teachers and the school principal Mrs Woods. Zack’s grades were terrible as he didn’t bother studying and messed around in class trying to get the girls in the class to laugh or smile at him with his clowning antics. At the end of the semester, his grades were without a doubt terrible and he was brought into Mrs Woods office to have a chat. She informed Zack that if he didn’t buck up and improve his grades, he would not be playing football anymore.

Zack was pissed off after that and decided to go to the mall to hang out. He came across a store with a simple old man wearing wizard’s garbs. The old man greeted him saying “Welcome Zack, had a bad day didn’t we? I can definitely help you with that.” Zack hadn’t even introduced himself and was wondering how he knew his name. Zack figured it was written on his bag so he just shrugged it off as a coincidence. The old man gave him a piece of parchment paper and told him it was a spell which will switch bodies and allow Zack to takeover the persons body. Saying the spell again would allow his to switch back. Zack was curious even though he thought it was nonsense so he decided to ask how much it would cost him. The old man replied with twenty dollars and seventy cents, which was the exact amount he had after buying his drink. Zack paid up and went home. The next day, Zack went early to school and sat himself down in the teachers lounge. He spoke the spell mentioning Mrs Wood’s name and he blacked out, the next thing he knew, he had blonde hair covering his face and a blouse and skirt. Looking into the mirror he found the reflection of Mrs Woods and was surprised the spell worked.

Zack heard a man’s voice suddenly say, “Honey I’ll be working late tonight.” The shocked Zack replied with his new voice saying sure and proceeded down to the kitchen to meet Mrs Wood’s daughter who gave off a bitchy vibe and gave Zack attitude the whole time. Zack just wanted to leave to go to school to change his grades. Half and hour later, Zack drove Mr’s woods car to school and had arrived at the office to change his grades so that everything was to his satisfaction. He made his way to the teacher’s lounge and saw his body lying on the couch. He placed his handphone on the table and started to record a video so that he could blackmail Mrs Woods. He pulled down his shorts to see his flaccid shaft. He lubricated it using Mrs Woods mouth and started giving his body’s dick a blow job. It tasted salty but in the heat of the moment, Zack was getting moist in his snatch. When his body’s shaft was nice and hard, he removed the blouse and skirt and slid the erect shaft into his moist lubricated folds. His whole mind went black and he received an electrifying orgasm. He slid himself on his dick using Mrs Woods body and couldn’t help himself. Suddenly he realized that his lifeless body was twitching. All of a sudden, hands went onto his feminine waist and started pushing up and down as the lifeless shaft was penetrated deeper with hip movements from his male body. A sudden rush followed by a hard jerk and his male voice suddenly exclaimed. Zack who was still in Mrs Woods body had the best orgasm of his life but was rudely awakened to his male body carrying him off the deeply embedded shaft and placing him next to the couch. His body stood up and started examining himself. Zack started to recite the spell to reverse the switch, hoping to black out again and end up in his male body but nothing happened.

His male body was seen flexing and admiring his muscle bound body and stroking his thick shaft. “Oh Zack, when you took over my body, you left me stranded and I saw everything you did but couldn’t do anything. I thought I was a doomed to be a spectator. You literally screwed yourself when you screwed yourself with your body. I found myself pushed into your body and now, I get a second chance at life. With my new athletic body, my original smarts, I now have a chance away from my horrible cheating husband and bitchy daughter. Thanks for the lay, but I’m going to be doing it with MY girlfriend, the head cheerleader from now on. I’ll take good care of her, I promise. I heard she likes it rough. This recording will be mine just in case anything happens.” Mrs Woods in Zack’s body said. Zack who was now stuck in Mrs Woods body couldn’t do anything as he watched Mrs Woods dress up and walk out of the teacher’s lounge.

The teachers for the next semester regarded how improved Zack was now to Mrs Woods. He was the perfect student was perfect grades and led the football team to victory in the nationals. Zack who was stuck as the principal acknowledged as she wished she didn’t have to watch his old body win the nationals to receive a NFL draft ticket to stardom while he had to deal with his new husband and daughter.


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