Piano lessons

I’ll admit I wasn’t a perfect son, but then again who is? The demands and expectations my mom always had for me were just impossible to achieve. This led me to growing up resenting her a bit and yes, every now and again acting out, but none of what I did warranted this kind of punishment. As the years went by through my childhood I began to hear my mom mutter more and more about how she wish she had a daughter, that a daughter would never put her through the crap I did. I ignored it for the most part, but it still hurt knowing that your parent regretted having you.
Then it happened. One day I woke up to find my room completely different along with an entirely different and very female body. I was starting to freak out when my mom calmly entered the room. It took her a minute to get me to calm down, but when she did she explained how she found a spell that would give her the daughter she always wanted. I was now completely female and as far as the rest of the world was concerned I had always been female.
My mom, reveling in her victory, signed me up for piano lessons and ballet. I complied at first, now quite knowing what to do after having my whole world turned upside down, but slowly I starting looking for ways to spite her. I decided to keep going to ballet as I found, to my relief, that I still had a healthy attraction to females, and my ballet class was full of young, fit girls. It was during my piano class where I found my first way to rebel against my mom. I’m not sure where the thought to seduce my instructor came from, but once I had it, I decided to just run with it. I started by wearing sexier and sexier outfits to my lessons. My mom tried to protest, but I explained that that was how all the girls were dressing these days. I knew my mother would never allow a naturally born daughter to dress the way I was, but I knew she was taking it as a sign that I was accepting my life as her daughter and let it slide.
It really didn’t take much effort to seduce Mr. Trudeau. Even before I started my plan to seduce him, he’d have that look I was all too familiar with. It was the same hungry look I had when I saw a hot piece of ass walking by. Once I started wearing skimpy dresses along with some sexy stockings, it was game over. It only took me two lessons with me flirting with him and showing off my perky tits before he had me bent over, ready to take his cock. Now I may have preferred the company of females, but there’s something to be said about getting pounded by a big, meaty cock.
After that first encounter, I found myself getting excited, even giddy, about going to my next piano lesson. We got so good at our routine that he’d already be in me when I had said goodbye to my mom not even a minute before. I couldn’t help but laugh a little as I realized that my mom has been paying over $400 a month for my piano lessons for over a year now, and I still don’t even know how to play a damn scale.


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