Just Scared and Confused (Just Jealous part 3)

Summer vacation passed by in a blur of sex, sex, and more sex with Adam, and day after day he started to act more and more like he was my girlfriend. It had finally gotten to the point where I stopped questioning things and went with it. I mean after all I was having sex with this beautiful creature who shared pretty much all the same interests as me, and when I did try to question it, I would just get the same answer again and again. “It’s just what best buds do.” It was becoming something of a mantra that I lived by. Adam and I spent every day together. He claimed that he wanted to take a break from chasing girls and focus on his friendships, me of course being the primary focus.
However all things must come to an end, and summer vacation was no exception. I actually liked going back to school, the chance to see friends who went out of town, getting new books and seeing who was in all your classes. I didn’t get people who loathed the first day of school.
As fate would have it, Adam had all the same classes as me, much to his glee, and I had to say I was pretty glad, knowing I would have at least one good friend in all my classes. The whole day we walked from class to class together, Adam wrapped around my arm like I’d seen so many girls do with their boyfriends. I already knew everyone would see this as completely normal as I once again chanted the mantra, “It’s just what best buds do”.
As the day went on however, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off, like there was something in plain sight that I was failing to see, and it wasn’t until gym class that it hit me in the face like a brick wall. As I opened the doors to the boys’ locker room, I stopped dead in my tracks. There were a number of girls in the locker room. At least they had the bodies of girls. As I looked at them more closely, I realized I recognized them as my classmates. My male classmates or at least formerly male, and there they were, stripping down in the boys’ locker room among actual guys like it was the most normal thing in the world.
This posed questions that my mantra no longer covered. This had to be Ms Goodwin’s handiwork, but why? My thoughts were pushed aside by Adam tugging on my arm, no doubt wondering why we’d stopped. I figured the only thing I could do was to go along with it. Adam went ahead into the locker room to find an open locker to claim. He called me over wanting me to take the one next to him.
Adam’s locker was to my left, and to my right was the locker of a person I recognized as Nate Birschart, and I was really surprised to see that he was one of the transformed guys. Looking at the goddess sitting on the bench taking off his bra, Nate’s female form was the antithesis of what he was as a guy. I mean here sat a leggy, very well stacked porcelain doll with a gorgeous fiery red mane of hair, where before he had the body of the quintessential nerd. His tall, lanky body, pasty white skin, and frizzy jewfro, along with his shy personality put him on the receiving end of a lot of bullying. I always felt bad for the guy and hated it when I’d see people bully him. In fact, near the end of our sophomore year in this very locker room I stopped two goons who were picking on him by playing “keep away” with Nate’s b….bra!
Holy shit! That meant he had been like this for well over a year, and I never noticed! I remember snatching the bra out of the air and chasing the goons off, then handing the bra back to him like it was completely normal.
I started thinking back on my past interactions with all the other transformed guys and realized it was the same for them too. I had interacted with all of them like they were normal guys when they had these female bodies. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly when they changed, but they were definitely all different from each other. So I was just as oblivious as the rest of the world to their changes, but why could I see them now? Just more and more questions.
I made it through PE, although it was very distracting as all the transformed guys wore skimpy workout clothes instead of the standard issue t shirt and shorts that even the girls’ PE class wore. Showering was another story though. Seeing all those feminine bodies glistening under the running water was starting to turn me on. The next thing I knew, Adam was on his knees sucking me off right in the middle of the shower room. As per usual, no one batted an eyelash, and I felt an odd sense of comfort saying my mantra underneath my breath.
As I exited the locker room, with Adam once again wrapped around my arm, I heard a girl’s voice call out my name. Looking around, I found the source to Delilah. I was instantly on edge, knowing full well what her mother was capable of.
“Hey so my mom would like you to come over tonight.” She said cheerfully.
I on the other hand was anything but cheerful, “What? Why? I haven’t done anything to piss her off have I?” I asked, scared that I might be next.
Delilah laughed, flashing a gorgeous smile, “No, silly, it’s nothing like that. It’s something good I promise. She just wants to make a deal with you, and for what it’s worth…I really hope you say ‘yes’. Oh and Adam, you come too.”
And with that, Delilah walked off, leaving me to wonder just what the hell kind of deal Ms Goodwin wanted to strike with me. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful other than Adam giving me hand job underneath the desk during study hall. When the final bell rang, I exited the school, nervous about meeting Ms Goodwin as well as bewildered by the situation I found myself in, but looking over at Adam, I knew I at least had something to take my mind off things until then.


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