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Body AirBnB

Body AirBnB changed everything. You could spend an entire weekend in someone else’s body instead of just their home. Read more

Anniversary Gift

After a few years of marriage Kate finally told me about her lesbian experience. She had attended an all girls high school so contact with boys was pretty limited. The combination of hormones and curiosity got the better of her so she spent a night with one of her dorm mates. Read more

While the Wife’s Away…

It’s not that my wife didn’t trust me while she was away on her frequent business trips. Sara just enjoyed using her grandmother’s potion book to keep me busy while she was away. The first time she did it as a joke. Knowing I didn’t have any other plans than to just lounge around the house until she returned, she gave me a spiked glass of water that turned me into a cat for 48 hours. Needless to say I was angry, but all I could do was meow at her. Read more

Unexpected Visitor

My girlfriend is the jealous type. It’s not that Steph doesn’t trust me, she just doesn’t trust the other girls in our dorm not to flirt with me while she went home for the weekend. When she came to my room to say good-bye before leaving she brought me my favorite smoothie. Unbeknownst to me, she had mixed in two X-Change pills. I was only halfway done with the smoothie when I noticed the changes beginning. Read more

College Experience

Playing flip-cup at a college for wizards was always an adventure. Most friendly games resulted in the losers being turned into some sort of animal for an hour or two. But this game got serious and genders were put on the line. Read more

What I want

I want to know how it’s possible for this to be happening. I want to know why I’m not the man I was before you gave me that beer. I want to know why I did not hesitate to take your cock into my mouth as soon as you presented it to me. I want to know what the breasts swaying beneath my shirt look like. I want know what this cock will feel like in the new aching void between my legs. Read more

Everybody Wins

Chris and Mark had been arguing over what made a woman cum. Chris made the point that while women did enjoy getting fucked, a well placed tongue with stamina is what got a girl off. Mark was certain that eating a girl out was just foreplay and only a good dicking would get her where she needed to be. Read more

Next Time She’ll Aim Higher

Tom and Stacey were on day 1 of the vacation at the Swap Resort. They had saved up all year for this and now they were finally going to spend a week in each other’s bodies. Read more

Of Course I’m Wearing One

Ryan hadn’t been to school since he had come down with the TG Flu. He hadn’t seen any of his friends either and only communicated via text. Most of them wanted to come visit him but Ryan’s mother wouldn’t allow it because she thought he might be contagious. His best friend, Mike, finally convinced him to Skype. Read more