Getting Dressed is Half the Work-Out

Bobby always loved hitting the gym when he was a dude but never put too much thought in to what he wore. A loose pair of shorts and a tank top were more than sufficient.

Things were different this week. Swap Class had put him in the body of Nicole Simmons, arguably the hottest girl in school. Their teacher instructed the students to live out a normal week in their new bodies. For Bobby, that meant attending yoga class on Tuesday night.

He sorted through all of her work out clothes but there wasn’t one thing that wouldn’t hug every curve of his new from. Bobby pulled a pair of yoga pants over has ample behind and felt material cling to his now flat crotch. Next came the sports bra. It wasn’t like regular bra with hooks and clasps that he had struggled to remove earlier. He had to yank down over his head and breasts before adjusting them to somewhere between comfort and decoration. Cleavage didn’t seem necessary for yoga class but it couldn’t hurt either.

Last came a black and white crop top that barely went past the bra and left Nicole’s toned stomach on display. Bobby took a picture of himself in the mirror and thought about sending it to his buddies. Then he thought better of himself and decided to do that after class.

The smooth material clinging to his soft body were creating sensations that were becoming too hard to ignore. After an hour of stretching Nicole’s body in provocative poses, Bobby would finally be ready to explore further.

If he thought putting on his workout clothes was difficult, he would soon learn that trying to get them off in a hurry to satisfy his sexual frustration was much more of a challenge.


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