Of Course I’m Wearing One

Ryan hadn’t been to school since he had come down with the TG Flu. He hadn’t seen any of his friends either and only communicated via text. Most of them wanted to come visit him but Ryan’s mother wouldn’t allow it because she thought he might be contagious. His best friend, Mike, finally convinced him to Skype.

Ryan set up the camera so Mike wouldn’t be able to see his face. All Mike saw was a definitely female torso in a baggy gray shirt. Two hairless legs barely made their way into the bottom of the frame. Mike could make out a pair of breasts but it was hard to tell how big they were.

“Dude, what’s is like having tits?,” Mike asked. “Do you have to wear a bra now?”

“Of course. I have to,” replied Ryan, letting Mike hear his new voice for the first time. “If I don’t my nipples stick through my shirt. I never knew how sensitive these things could be.”

“What size are they?” Mike expected his friend to tell him to fuck off like any other girl would after being asked that question. Ryan just shrugged.

“I dunno. I’m wearing one of my sister’s old bras but I think it’s too small. Having boobs is one thing, but wearing something that squeezes them together like this is annoying. I feel like I’m adjusting it every five minutes.”

Mike went for broke. “Can I see them?”

“Sure!” Ryan complied. His happily lifted his shirt and two seemingly perfect breasts spilled out, barely contained by the secondhand bra.

Mike had to get over there. He hoped it wasn’t too late and Ryan was still contagious. He would be thrilled if he got a set a tits half as big as Ryan’s….


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