Everybody Wins

Chris and Mark had been arguing over what made a woman cum. Chris made the point that while women did enjoy getting fucked, a well placed tongue with stamina is what got a girl off. Mark was certain that eating a girl out was just foreplay and only a good dicking would get her where she needed to be.

Jessica, Chris’ girlfriend, sat quietly and listened to the two men debate over a subject neither of them really understood. Sure, Chris was good in bed but he would be disappointed if he actually knew how many orgasms Jessica had faked.

The discussion had gone on to long and she interjected.

“Enough! What do either of you know about making a woman cum?!?”

Mark couldn’t help but laugh and point at Chris. “Oh man! Your girl just called you out, bro!”

“At least he gets laid!” Jessica defended her boyfriend. “I haven’t seen a girl come out of your room in months.” Mark suddenly had nothing to say.

The two men stood there in shamed silence. Jessica dug through her purse and took out what could only be described as a wand. What else would you call a stick that looked like a prop from a Harry Potter movie?

“If you want to argue over this subject, you’re going to do some research.” Wand in hand, she flicked her wrist in Chris’ direction. In a matter of seconds her boyfriend was replaced by a naked busty blonde girl trying to grasp what had just happened to her.

“How the fu-“, Mark started saying before Jessica’s wrist flicked in his direction. Now there were three women in the room. Two of them stood there dumbfounded and unclothed, afraid to look down at their bodies.

“How did you do this to us, Jess?”, her boyfriend asked, startled by the sound of his new voice.

“The same way I’m doing this.” Jessica tapped herself on the head with the wand. As quickly as her clothes vanished, the womanly figure they once contained became a well hung male. The site of the two naked beauties before him encouraged his new anatomy to rise to the occasion. The girls just stared, unable to look away.

“I’ll make you both a bet,” Jessica proposed. “Whoever cums first wins and whoever loses stays a girl for the rest of the week. “

The two women knew what was being asked of them but neither of them moved.

Jessica went into the adjacent bedroom and laid down. “Don’t be such pussies!”, Jessica teased.

Mark and Chris took their first steps as women and peered into the bedroom. Jessica was strewn across the bed stroking a cock that must have been at least seven inches. She winked at Chris and said,”Come on, babe. I’ll be gentle. I want you to win so I can give you your cock back and give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.”

Chris didn’t know if it was the mention of a blow job or the fact that he had been absentmindedly rubbing his new pussy at the sight of a hard dick, but he couldn’t stop himself from climbing on top of Jessica. His pussy, already soaked with arousal, slowly took all of Jessica’s cock as deep as it could go. A moan of pure pleasure filled the room.

“Look’s like someone has an early lead,” Jessica teased, looking in Mark’s direction.

Not wanting to be a woman for the rest of the week was a close second to why Mark did what he did next. He hated losing, so he climbed onto the bed and straddled Jessica’s face. Before his new anatomy reached her mouth she darted her tongue out and made contact with Mark’s clit. His knees buckled and his crotch collapsed into her face.

The only sounds anyone could hear would moans and the slurping of Jessica’s tongue deep inside Mark’s new pussy. He could feel strong hands spreading the firm cheeks of his as in an effort to get deeper. It was pure ecstasy.

Chris used Jessica’s thighs to brace himself as he rode her cock for all it was worth. He never knew a penis could be responsible for such a wonderful feeling.

Mark and Chris started at one another as they each enjoyed what Jessica’s new body was doing to theirs’. Neither of them wanted to lose but neither of them could deny what they were feeling. Directly experiencing the joys of womanhood while simultaneously watching it was too much for them.

It turned out it was also too much for Jess’s male body as well. As Mark and Chris both orgasmed, coating her cock and face with their juices, Jessica grunted as only a man could and filled her boyfriend with hot cum. The realization of what was occurring only made Chris cum harder. He could feel the pulsing hardness and a growing warmth from within. The three of them collapsed into a satisfied pile.

“I guess we’ll have to call that a tie,” Jessica eventually panted.

“Shall we go again? Maybe switch spots this time”, Mark offered.

“In a few minutes,” answered Jessica. “This thing needs to recharge. Plus this body doesn’t really have a taste for what I just left in Chris.”

Mark paused for a second and looked at the cum slowly dripping out of Chris’ recently fucked pussy. “I’ll take care of it!”

To the shock of everyone in the room, Mark gently separated Chris’ thighs and hungrily plunged his tongue into the ravaged, cumfilled lips. As he lapped up their juices, he presented his ass in the air and played with himself.

The sight of Chris moaning with Mark between his legs, eating out his cum filled pussy was all Jessica needed. Her dick quickly sprang back to life and she made her way behind Mark’s beautiful ass, ready give him the experience of being filled with a man’s seed.

As she slid her cock inside of him she knew that it would be long time before any of them agreed that the bet was settled.


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