Next Time She’ll Aim Higher

Tom and Stacey were on day 1 of the vacation at the Swap Resort. They had saved up all year for this and now they were finally going to spend a week in each other’s bodies.

Upon entering the room, Stacey tore off the jeans that contained the raging hard-on she’d had since they swapped. Once they were off she began to stroke her new appendage like there was no tomorrow.

Tom was a bit more apprehensive. He told Stacey that going from male to female would be a harder adjustment than the way around. Tom certainly wanted to get into his panties but he’d always been most curious about what it felt like to have tits. He felt them bounce for the first time as they walked up the stairs to their room. He knew he’d feel their weight even more once he took off Stacey’s bra.

Tom sat down and peeled the tank top he was wearing over his head and looked down and his bra clad breasts. He struggled to unclasp it much like when he was in his old body. Tom pleaded for Stacey to stop jerking off for a few seconds and help him out. Begrudgingly, she complied.

Stacey unclasped the bra and went right back to stroking her cock. Tom felt the full weight of them for the first time. The straps fell from his shoulders and he let the undergarment fall to the floor. He stared down at his new tits and was just about to cup when he heard a grunt from overhead. Tom felt something warm and wet land just below his delicate neck. Apparently the sight of her own tits put Stacey over the top.

Tom gasped a feminine gasp and stared wide-eyed as ropes of cum splashed all over the new toys he was just about to play with. He enjoyed it more that he would have liked to admit. He watched Stacey squeeze the last few drops of jizz on his left breast and looked up at her.

“Sorry, hun”, she apologized. “At least now I get why you love finishing on my rack. The girls look good from this angle with all that cum on them. Hey, maybe this week I’ll finally let you cum on my face!”

Tom didn’t entirely hate the idea.


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