College Experience

Playing flip-cup at a college for wizards was always an adventure. Most friendly games resulted in the losers being turned into some sort of animal for an hour or two. But this game got serious and genders were put on the line.

The first loss resulted in a wardrobe change. Every guy on the losing team felt their boxers change into panties, their undershirts shift into bras while their outfits became those of an average coed. The male bodies looked ridiculous in such attire but that changed with every ensuing round.

A second loss led to long hair and a pretty face, a third got your team a nice womanly set of hips with the ass to match. Four losses filled your bra and a fifth made your panties fit snugly against the anatomy they were made for, and so on.

After an hour of play we can see one team has lost so many times that there was nothing left to change and they had to remove a piece of clothing each round they lost. Some were eager to show off their new assets while others tried to contain them, albeit unsuccessfully, with their hands. The match-up wasn’t completely one-sided: across the table were five fully clothed, busty beauties that had only lost four rounds. Each had a noticeable hard-on straining against their tight jeans or simply lifting the front of their skirt.

If they won the last round the losers would have to strip completely naked and give their female virginity to the winners.

Five minutes after the final round ended the room was filled with ten women moaning, twenty breasts bouncing as an intense shemale orgy went underway. Most of the new girls lay back and let the winners have their way with them, taking whatever enjoyment they could from the experience. Others, however, made the most of it and tried as many positions as they could. One of them was even brave enough to give a blowjob.

The entire losing team made the walk of shame back their dorm trying to cope with the fact that they had cum drying on their tits, running down their thighs, or settling in their stomachs. They weren’t allowed to changed back until they reached their own rooms.

The following day they requested a rematch. The winners graciously accepted and debated on whether or not to lose on purpose. While they certainly enjoyed feeling a pair of tits bounce on their chest as they pumped their cocks into the losers, they were envious of the cries of pleasure coming from the transformed sluts.

Weeks later the group of closely-knit friends skipped the drinking games altogether and just hosted wild orgies consisting of every mix of gender possible.

College was for experimenting, after all.


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