Heat Stroke

You have been on this island for far too long. The sun is burning your skin and making your mind foggy. You barely remember your name, or how you ended up here…
You tried everything. A fire. A message in a bottle. Making a raft out of logs and leaves. Now, you lost track of time, not knowing where you are or if you’ll ever be able to leave…

Your skin is all dry; you’ve been under the sunlight all day, trying to figure out an escape route. Your clothes are all torn and dirty… Now, a dip in the ocean seems like a good idea.
Maybe it’ll cool your head a little.

Walking along the beach, you notice your hips are waving left and right more than they should; is it because you lost weight recently? After all you ate less than you usually did;
your body is now much more slender, more delicate than it used to be.

Deciding to ignore such futile details, as you think they are illusions caused by the sun’s heat, you dip a toe in the cold, salty water of the ocean.
A shiver goes through your body, making your nipples stiff. You walk into the water, before diving straight into the sea with a loud splash.

As you surface, you take a deep breath and feel the breeze going against your skin. Never have you felt so good. Your skin, soft and silky, heals itself as you bathe in the refreshing
waters. Your hair lengthens and swishes around as you send your head backwards. Taking hold of your shirt, you lift it, showing two bare breasts who are rapidly growing;
They inflate and jiggle, as your rump soon follows the same path and sends whatever remains of your pants down in the water.

Your erected member is retracting, but it isn’t because of the cold water- in fact, you don’t even remember being aroused…it came up so quickly…
It slowly slips inside of you, shrinking and becoming nothing- or at least that’s what you think. It actually turns into something much, much more pleasant that a cock.

Your mind gets foggy again as the sun strikes your head like a boulder. You kneel in the water, letting out moans of pleasure as your voice rises in pitch.
Droplets of water caress your ever-growing chest, making your heat beat faster, your breath quicker.

Your long hair now goes down to your shoulders, sticking to your body as it is all wet; your back arches forward as your hips expand, sending your new assets in all directions.
Your hand firmly holding the shirt above your chest, exposing your breasts to the world, you throw your head back again as your feminine slit finally opens; with a loud moan,
you cross your legs as you are clearly having an orgasm. The best orgasm of your life. And not the last…

You crawl back to the beach, and throw your now useless clothing away. Then, something catches your attention…

In the distance, another feminine moan can be heard.

It looks like being on this island won’t be so terrible after all…


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