Miss Bradford

Trent was in shock, Miss Bradford, his biology teacher stole his body indefinitely to learn about male biology she said. He eventually went to her home, and sat on her bed curious. After calming down, he stripped off her skirt, top, bra, panties, and heels, only wearing her large hoop earrings, bracelet, and nude thigh highs she had on. He grabbed one of his massive boobs, while fingering his new equipment.

Moaning in ecstasy moments later, he realized this wasn’t that bad, he felt wonderful. Later that night after getting dressed in one of her sexiest tight dresses, he went out to the downtown area to find the man in the bathrobe. He told him to give him a spell to make the body swap permanent, he didn’t want his teacher getting the body she had back after already stealing his anyway.

Sure enough she tried to change back a week later, and no can do. The new Miss Bradford laughed in the new Trent’s face.

“I hope you like that male body, I just love your female one, it’s for keeps bitch,” whispered the new Miss Brenda Bradford into the new Trent Langton’s right ear.

Miss Bradford realized she made a terrible mistake, but it was too late, Trent grew to like her body, and was keeping it now!


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