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It’s not fair

My friend Alan and I were just friends going for a swim in the hotel pool. If you are a guy jumping into the pool in your swim trunks that is what you should be when you swim to the other end. Read more

My Roommates

I walked into the dorm on Saturday evening to find my four roommates just hanging out. Jerry had all sorts of liquids and powders out and was mixing up a concoction that looked a lot like a margarita. He said “Dan do you want this”. I didn’t see any reason why not. Read more

Our conversation

Student: Professor Wilson, it was just a prank. I never thought pouring some of your experimental solution from the lab into your coffee would have these results. Read more

Register a Complaint

Fuck you, genie. It is not even close to fair for you to select one person and put them into the situation they were imagining as they fell asleep. Read more

Our Neighbor Luke

My wife Lisa hated it that we never invited our neighbors over. I didn’t like the neighbor guy Luke. He was always drawing attention to himself and he has a sort of a swagger. Read more

My roommate

Tom was a good college roommate. He was affable, handsome and a little socially awkward. He spent most of his time in the lab working on chemistry research. The only sign that he dreamed about women was the picture he had up in his room of a woman with a “fuck me” expression, nice firm breasts revealed through a sheer blouse and a skirt hiked up to mid-thigh. Read more

Our New Coach

Coach Paul made the guys line up for everything, including heading into the gym for practice. It was just one more sign of how he was never open to new ways of doing things. The guys took a Transforma collection and made him into Coach Paula. Now she likes to put them in line for a different reason.

Immersion Therapy

It seemed only fair. In all the years I have been married to Eric, I have enjoyed him fucking me in every room of the house and in every way possible. I have even begged for it and he has been very, very good at giving me pleasure.
So once the technology became available, I made the simple suggestion that we switch for a week. What is the big deal? He exploded and said no way and then he called me a bitch which was way out of line.
Since agreement was out of the question I mixed his meds into a soup. I gave him an extra dose of hormones. I timed the last part of the transformation for after I got my new cock (his!) into “Erica”, and after I put her on her hands and knees. My theory was that she would be so busy dealing with the situation that she would overcome her previous doubts.
It worked like a charm. When Erica became focused and understood she was in my body and I in hers, she pushed her sexy butt back against my cock. I didn’t want to be mean but I said “Now who’s the bitch?”
She said “I am so sorry. Please keep fucking me.” We called in sick and I fucked her silly for a week. She loved it and is already looking forward to her special week next month.