Need to Get Dressed

Sure Ned was shocked when he woke up at the lab in Rebecca’s busty body. He stared in the mirror, reached below to find his new equipment, then zipped up his tight black pants, and touched a feel of his new ample breasts. She had often said women didn’t move up well at the Research Royal Company, so perhaps she had used their experimental body swap machine to switch their bodies? That had to be it, but now in Rebecca’s body, he had no clearance to get even close to it, let along find Rebecca in his body, and then swap back. Perhaps he should have protected the machine better, but had fallen asleep in the lab with the door open.

Ned would find Rebecca had altered the machine so it was announced a failure, and claimed that Ned in her body was crazy and needed counseling if “she” wanted her job back as the secretary of the research lab. Rebecca destroyed the machine in his body, and reused the parts for something else, an instant fashion making machine. She would reshape the company into a clothing research company, and eventually use the plans to build a swap machine again, to swap with her sister Audrey who always wanted to be a man. for now, though, it was time to get the company on track with what she wanted, and being in a male body with high level clearance allowed her that privilege. She had no intention of ever changing Ned back, he would have to deal with her big chest, PMS, periods, and sexual harassment now. Also with no opportunity to move up, she would have no way to get to any research material to swap back, and if she talked about being Ned would be commited.


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