Body hop on the hike

it was a Saturday afternoon where all this happened, I learned about my past which is the ability to hop into other people’s bodies when I was visiting my dad in the hospital. I was on break from college because the semester was over and I needed to spend time with my dad because some ass decided to drive drunk. This was a severe hit because he couldn’t move and needed assistance until we decided to have a talk.

“Why do you keep visiting me son?”

”you know why dad, because I hate to see you like this.” I said

”you know your missing life outside right now.”

”I don’t care, your family, i care about you.” I replied

”listen up.” My dad with a serious tone

”I’m going to tell you the family secret that I was told your age.”

”family secret, what secret?” I asked

”it’s one that is very perverted but also helpful, if I could get someone close to me I could have left but no one ever gets close to me.” My dad said

”just tell me already.”

”son, you can go into other people at will.”

at first when my dad said this I was surprised because I was a science guy so that didn’t really seem to fit in to my philosophies.

”if you can prove it.” I said

my dad sighed and then told me to get a nurse really close to him. So when he said that I hit the assistant button a nurse came by in a minute and asked if I needed anything. I lied and said something was wrong with my dad so she went over close and then my dads arm grabbed the nurse and she froze. He slowly got up and went into the nurse, I was shocked because the first thing he did was touch the nurses breasts and feel her ass.

”what.” My dad said

”ho…w did you do that.” I said

”to put it in simple words, you touch a person, you think you want to be them, and walk into them, now if you excuse me I need to find a way out of this place.”

i saw my dad walk out with his hands rubbing his ass, as soon as I got this information I needed some air, I went outside, got into my Car, and drove home, the first thing on my mind was to actually think off so I grabbed a water bottle, a bar and drove off to my hiking trail I normally walk when I’m stressed. When I got their it was nice, I smelt the outdoors, I loved the breeze blowing against my face, and I loved the scenery, it was perfect. I started walking the trail, along the way I liked to climb rocks because it was fun so I climbed up on some rocks and took some pictures and posted them. I continued to walk down the trail, I got high up in elevation so some grass started to die but it blended in with the dirt perfectly. while walking I saw a girl sitting on a rock drinking water, look I like she was taking a break. I took a good lock at her and saw she had nice hair, nice skin, nice boobs, and her ass was big and round. As I started I fantasize about this girl I felt my dick start to get harder and more erect, the girl got up and started to walk away, I thought to myself that I could never see this girl again, and I thought what my dad said.

i started speed walking towards her but I didn’t make that much noise, I caught up to her but she never noticed me so I thought hella hard and said I wanted to be her so I grabbed her arm stepped in and when I opened my eyes I was surprised. I blinked a few times, looked around then down, and holy shit, I saw tits. I felt my hair and it felt long and soft it was, my hands made its way down to my chest where I felt this girls tits, it was round and soft and I kept rubbing them. I felt my lower area and I felt no dick, it was weird, now it’s all flat and curved. I grabbed my ass and it felt good as hell. I ran back to the rock i saw the girl sit on, I pulled down her sports bra and saw her nipples, i took a deep breath. I thought about all the things I saw girls do it porn that watch and I was now going to try them. I sucked on my finger and then rubbed it on my nipples, I watched how hard my nipples were getting erect, which made me horny in this body. I pinched my nipples and I felt my pussy feel weird, I put my hands down their and I started to finger myself, it felt different not matsurbating with a dick outwards and a pussy inwards. It felt so good though so I slowly went faster and couldn’t help it but moan because there was too much pleasure building up. it got to the releasing point and I climaxed everywhere. On the rock, on my clothes, on my hand. I was exhausted so I took a sip of this girls water and put this girls clothes back on, I wiped off the cum on my hand on my leg because it looks like i pissed myself right now. When I started walking back to my car my pussy felt soar and my legs hurled but I didn’t care, because with this power, I can have a harem I could have always wanted.


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