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Vacation of a Lifetime

I should tell you something about myself. I’m kind of a loser. I have a good job but all I do is work. I don’t go out with friends or women or do much of anything outside work. The other thing is I’m approaching fifty and still a virgin. I know, what the hell?! You’re probably wondering how that is even possible. My only outlet is online porn. Read more

Not quite what you’re thinking

You may think that’s me, the blonde, and if you’ve ever read these kind of stories you would think this is punishment for cheating or something but things aren’t always what they seem. You see I’m actually the brunette and the blonde is my girlfriend. I should mention that I used to be a man but you probably knew that too. We were just friends before. I had thoughts of us being more but she was a lesbian so I played the dutiful male friend. I envied the women who got to sleep with her. I would’ve done anything to be a woman and be with her. My options were limited of course. Basically there was only one way, sex reassignment surgery. I wasn’t transgender though. I was in the right body for me just not for us. Read more

Lesson Learned the Hard way 2

You like it hard don’t you! You like me to pull your hair and make you scream! You think you can stick your tiny dick in my girlfriend? You like fucking pretty little girls in the ass, so do I.


I was nervous, really nervous. The boss had called me to his office. It couldn’t be anything good. No one got called to Don Carlos’ office without a good reason, especially someone like me. I was pretty new to the organization. I thought I was keeping my nose clean and just doing me job but now this. I sat there for a half hour thinking what I could say to make things right when I didn’t even know what was wrong. Read more

Two in the hand

So the three guys were hanging out. They where bored and drinking far too much. One of the guys said “wouldn’t it be great to get a blowjob from a sexy chick”. The others agreed but they didn’t know how that could happen since they didn’t know any loose women. Ivan said they should make a bet and the loser becomes the woman and pleasures the others. The other two guys laughed and said why not. Little did they know that Ivan had met and woman who gave him a coin that was magic and granted a wish. Ivan said “I wish whoever loses the bet becomes a woman and gives the other two a blowjob”. Once again his drunk friends laughed and said sure what’s the bet? The bet was who had the biggest cock. Now the guys where thinking they would have to whip em out and get hard to decide this but suddenly Jamie started to feel weird. He was moaning and and grabbing his stomach and right before the other two guys he turned into a woman. A young, very hot woman. They started touching her and kissing her and undressing her. Their former male friend Jamie responded perfectly and was happy to please her two men. Once she was naked and they were down to there shorts she dropped to her knees and started stroking their cocks. Everything was fuzzy a amount ago but now Jamie thought to herself “which one do I suck first?”


Where am I now? In another woman apparently. This has been happening for weeks now. Read more

Watch What You Say

You racist white boys will never learn will ya? You fuck with the voodoo, the voodoo fuck with you. Scream all you want but your ass is mine.

The Punishment

I had cheated again and now she had found out. My girlfriend was livid. She stormed into the room and started yelling at me. I tried to calm her down but there was nothing I could say. I expected her to just walk out the door but she did something that shocked me. She waved and hand and suddenly I was naked and couldn’t move. She says in a very breathy voice, “you didn’t know I have magical powers did you?” “From that dumb look on your face I think that answer is no”. she said coming closer. She took out what looked like a very old pen, like a fountain pen, and started drawing symbols on my chest and stomach. Finally, when she was done she smiled and said with a wicked grin “enjoy the punishment”. Read more

Just this side of Reality

I was working late in the lab one night. I had been working on an inter-dimensional travel machine and was sure I was close to cracking the code to make it work. Suddenly a power surge shot through the building and I was hit with millions of volts of electricity. The machine had been activated and I felt like Jeff Bridges in TRON. My body was being torn apart at a microscopic level. Read more

Booth Babes

So this buddy of mine told me he could get me and my friend Dan into the exclusive closed video game convention. He said all we had to do is meet him in front of the convention center an hour before the show. I couldn’t believe it. This was going to be so cool. Dan was super excited too. We didn’t know at the time we would be turned into booth babes by some magic bracelets though. More like boob babes. Check out our chests. As you can tell from our silly smiles we weren’t mad at all. Might have to find some way to thank that guy later 😉