This has all been a mistake. Honestly. I was just setting in park enjoying the warm afternoon when a gust of wind blew something against my ankle. It was a magazine. I picked it up and it opened to revel pictures of naked girls. Not just naked, but tied and bound in submissive positions. I was shocked. I had heard of but never actually seem such trash. I started to toss it in the nearby waste can when a shadow fell across me. Startled, I looked into the face of a beautiful older woman who said, “It looks like I have found another young pervert”. Blushing, I tried to explain how it wasn’t mine. I had only found it and was about to toss it in the trash.! She just smiled and said, “Trash hum. That’s an appropriate name”. Then she snapped her fingers and the world went dark. I awoke as you see me now. A slutty blond woman, bound to the foot rail in front of a bar in a smoky dive. My new name, TRASH, embroidered on my collar. My next client holding my leash in one hand as he unzips with the other. I don’t deserve this. I didn’t do anything. Honest!


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