I was nervous, really nervous. The boss had called me to his office. It couldn’t be anything good. No one got called to Don Carlos’ office without a good reason, especially someone like me. I was pretty new to the organization. I thought I was keeping my nose clean and just doing me job but now this. I sat there for a half hour thinking what I could say to make things right when I didn’t even know what was wrong.

Finally the door opened and I got up and entered his office. I had never been here before and was taken aback by how impressive it was. The center piece of the office was his desk. It was huge and very ornate looking. The walls were black with accents of red leather. Expensive art, I assumed it was expensive, hung on the walls. There were a couple of red leather chairs on each side of the desk. The don comes around the desk and greets me by name “Frankie my boy how are you?” “Fine Don Carlos” I said nervously. He claps my back and tells me to relax. He tells me to sit in one of the red chairs and he goes back around to his desk. We start talking about things, nothing special, just what’s going on with me, do I have a girlfriend, how the organization treating me. I tell him everything is great and I really love working for him. He really put me at ease. I open up to him about all kinds of things. I’m not sure why but I do. He finally tells me why he has asked me here.

“My boy” starts the Don “I have a problem.” “How can I help Don, I’ll do anything.” I say eager to please. “I’m glad to hear that Frankie. I need a huge favor from you.” He tells me. Eagerly I reply “Whatever you need Don”. Then the conversation shifts in a somewhat odd direction.

“What’s your favorite color Frankie?” the Don inquires. I don’t hesitate for a minute and say “red”. “Your not just saying that because it’s my favorite color are you?” He says with a stare. I tell him no, not at all, I love red. Then he gets a bit playful, I guess you would call it. “Like a red dress?” he says. I look at him puzzled. “Like a hot dame in a red dress” he clarifies. “Oh yeah, absolutely” I agree. We talk for a while longer. He asks me to describe my perfect woman. I tell him she in her 20s ,thin, long blonde hair, not much of a tan and she’s got long gorgeous legs. Oh and she has lips that you just want on your cock all the time.

While we are talking and I’m describing this woman I don’t notice the changes to my body. I’m becoming the woman I described. I slowly start to shrink in the big red chair. I’m becoming thinner and paler and my chest is expanding. Not a lot, I’m only a B cup at best. My body is becoming softer and my legs are long and beautiful.

In fact I’m starring at them now as the Don continues to talk. I love my legs. They are my best feature I think. I also love these shoes Don bought for me those heels make my ass stick up and all the boys stare lustfully at it. Finally Don gets my attention again. “So what you say doll, you do this favor for me?” he says with a sexy grin. “You got it baby” I answer with a breathy reply. He tells me all I got to do is seduce the snitch and then drug him. Sounds pretty simple. Then Don stands and comes over to me and says we should rehearse. I get down on my knees as he lowers the zipper on his pants…


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