Pretty, pretty princess

Like most of you I’d heard about random body swapping but or course I didn’t believe it until that fatal day. I’m a guy in my mid thirties who spends to much time playing video games and chasing tail. Just a normal guy. I was hanging out with my girlfriend one Sunday afternoon when it happened.

Suddenly I felt very dizzy and it was hard to see. It was like a light was shining in my face. I blinked and immediately knew something wasn’t right. In front of me were all these little girls and fancy dresses. They were singing happy birthday, to me. As I became more focused I noticed I was holding a pink balloon. I also could feel my body. I was quite a bit shorter than I had been for sure. I could feel the dress with it’s ruffled skirt and the heels on my feet. My hair on my neck. I did my best not to freak out and smiled and stepped forward and blew out my candles. Judging by the number on the cake I was turning 13 today. The first time I spoke and heard that little tiny voice was another shock. I calmed myself down and sat down and ate some cake with a glass of milk and surveyed my surrounding. This girl was rich, really rich. Daddy came up next to me and said “It’s time to see your present from mommy and me. I was guided outside and there in the yard was the snow white pony. I was giddy. That’s when something else started to seep into my mind. I was starting to remember my life, as this girl. I also noticed the cute boys that were at my party. Suddenly my old life faded away and I was just daddy’s pretty, pretty little princess. I wonder if I can get a boy to kiss me.


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