Light-Headed Beer (TG Bar)

Michael walked into the TG Bar. He knew that the drinks there would result in transforming into the opposite gender but it didn’t stop him. After all, that’s why he came. He sat up at the bar and ordered a light-headed beer. He had a feeling this would make him a bimbo. He ordered the drink from a big-chested blonde waitress in a bikini who gave him one of the happiest smiles he had seen. When the beer came he examined it for a little and then lifted the glass towards his lips. As the liquid trickled into his mouth, he could feel his body change. He grew breasts. His face became pretty and girly. His hair became long, his skin smooth. He became short and his bottom plumped. Soon his genitalia retracted to form a moist slit. Michael was a female. She ran to the bathroom. The female bathroom of course, and examined her form. She was amazed and in awe.
“I’m Michelle now,” she stated.
Soon the woman in the white bikini walked in and gave her some clothes. Michelle thought the clothes were insanely slutty at first but then once she had them on she liked them. She loved showing off her rear in the minuscule pink too-too and colourful bra was so pretty. The pink glittery bow in her hair proudly defined her femininity and the lolly pop was like her, very sweet. She found it somewhat hard to think. All she could think of was men. She imagined taking a cock in her vagina. How good it would feel, she thought. It’s fair to say Michelle would soon get a lot of cock.


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