2 weeks Out

“Hey babe, I’m home.”

“I’m in the kitchen hun!”

I walk into the kitchen to find my girlfriend resting against out counter, eating a box of berries. Godd she looks amazing. I loved Kara because she was smart, funny, and kind. But she used to be insecure about herself. And, while most of the time that didn’t bother me, there was always a part of me that fantasized about how it would be like if she was wilder–like the college co-eds you see in movies or on TV.

Now, I’m sure most guys imagine things like this too, but for me, it was different. Because I knew I could make my dream girl into a reality. Ever since my trip to Peru 3 years ago, I have had this…power. I can transform any person I think about into a different person. They still retain their mind, but reality shifts so that it’s like they always looked like who I imagined. And there’s not really a limit to how much I can change a body. Heck, I even made my older brother into a busty Asian girl!

But having this power doesn’t always create the results that I want. Before I met Kara, I had been on a on long streak of failures when it came to using my ability. Sometimes girls’ personalities would change too much to conform to their new bodies. Sometimes, they would just get addicted to sex to the point that they’d sleep with anyone–girls, guys, didn’t matter. I still remember that once I thought it would be perfect if I made Harry, my best friend, into a girl. After all, we were so in sync as guys that as a girl, he’d definitely be my girlfriend. But…I was too afraid to ask Harry to change voluntarily. And so when I changed him…well more on that later.

That’s why, when I met Kara, it took my 6 months to tell her about my powers. It’s also why I made sure that the change was voluntary this time. And I’m so glad that I did! Because this time, the results are incredible! Before, Kara was a small brunette. But when I changed, I imagined exactly like those college co-eds on the beach. Blonde, nice breasts, super fit, loves to flaunt her body, and horny. Now, my powers don’t let me actually change a person’s mind. But sometimes, if I imagine certain traits about them, their body changes so that their physical traits influence their mind slightly. A girl who has sensitive nipples and is easily aroused, for example, tends to like showing more skin.

So Kara transformed into a wonderful bombshell of a woman. And we went to town in our hotel room. I guess I imagined that co-eds were all super flexible too because the position she’d get into for me were unreal! And her vagina was sooo tight. She would squeeze my penis so well with her muscles. It was mind-blowing. She was an enchantress with her tongue, with her hips, with her butt. I found that my dick was almost always hard.

And the best part: even when we got back from our vacation, she was still insatiable. Take today. I walked into our kitchen and found her eating her berries (her fit body was used to that kind of diet, I guess. I mean look at her flat stomach!). I asked her how her days was and she talked about her deadline for an engineering project (since she still retains her consciousness, she’s still the same crazy smart software girl I first). After talking about bits and nodes and a whole lot of other things I didn’t get, she just casually walked up to me and unbuckled my belt. Then, she did my pant button, and dropped my pants to the ground. Next were my boxers. Finally she could use your soft hands to play with my erect dick. Then, swaying her hips, she slid her gray yoga pants off. As she did it she turned around so that he magnificent ass was staring at me. Once her pants were down, she took my hands and put them on her hips.

After that, she didn’t need to guide me anymore. We did it right there in the kitchen and boyy, did the neighbors hear!


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