Hindsight is 20/20

As Mack clutched his new huge breasts, his tiny new hands barely able to grab them, he or now she, realized she shouldn’t have pissed off the old woman at the fairgrounds by telling her that her daughter looked like a bimbo with her natural big breasts. One fact was certain, Mack’s new breasts were natural too, and bigger than the old lady’s daughter’s as well. Also as Mack was feeling a bit goofy and ditzy, he realized he was becoming a real bimbo also. When he left the tent at the fairgrounds in shock and disoriented, the old lady told him to have a nice life as Mandy Melons. Apparently now he was a busty porn star, as men were stopping him on his way out of the fair for an autograph! Perhaps the old woman changed more than just his body and mind to teach him a lesson, but his entire life.


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