Now So Different Now So Better

Harry had spoken many jokes and whims about the “school slut” Cassandra Patrick. However, when he was swapped into her body in a freak lab experiment and they couldn’t find a way to swap back, Harry had to learn to adjust. He looked in the mirror in the girl’s locker room, realizing he had become the very gal which he had made fun of so many times. The truth was he was jealous of her sexy body and lifestyle, so getting her body and life was actually being a great occurrence for him. He gazed in the mirror, slapped and rubbed his new round soft ass in the tight black leggings and spoke out loud in his new voice that it was his turn to be the school slut now, as he strutted his stuff out of the lockers and into the hallway, winking and waving at many guys as he swayed his hips and rubbed his new fine bottom. Meanwhile Cassandra was glad to be out of her life of being eye candy and a sex object, and loving her big strong male body. A win-win for both.


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