Early Mother’s Day

My mom finally left for the weekend. She would be back in time for Mother’s Day, which was perfect! I had found a magic powder that when sprinkled on any piece of clothing, and then worn, the wearer’s body would turn into an exact copy of the one who owns that particular piece of clothing. I’ve always been curious to find out what it was like to be a woman, and this seemed like a perfect time: the spell only lasted until midnight on the second day, which in this case was Mother’s Day.
She probably wasn’t even at the end of the road when I sprinkled the powder onto a pair of her panties. Wasting no time I quickly stripped out of my own boxers, and pulled on the silky black panties, one leg at a time. “I don’t feel any different…” I said out loud, shrugging and walking out of my room. wait, Mom’s panties were way big on me, why was I able to walk without them falling down my legs? I looked down, and saw the underwear was tight against my new curves, held in place by my loadbearing hips and thick ass. Looking down I also noticed my belly had pudged out slightly, but above that something more interesting was occurring:
My nipples had become wide, dark, and erect, and below them two small mounds were pushing them further and further away from my chest. I brushed my new long dark hair out of my eyes to get a better view of my growing breasts. I knew Mom was well endowed, but these were even bigger than I could’ve imagined! Why would my dad ever leave tits like these?! As they started to settle into their full size, I reached my dainty hands up to cup the monsters now resting on my chest. I fondled them for a moment, before allowing them to drop back down to their resting state. They were so huge, they sat on either side of my belly button.
It felt so strange to be calling parts of my mother’s body my own, but they were. These were my tits, my ass, my belly, my hair, my-
I gasped. My vagina! I tore off the panties, and just visible past the valley between my boobs, was my pussy. I squealed a bit, before reaching my slender fingers into my moist slit. A small moan escaped my lips. I slid deeper, and my moans grew larger. So this is what female masturbation is li-IIIke!
I came, squirting all over the hallway floor. I should have found it gross, but I felt so good I couldn’t be bothered to care. This body was fantastic!

The rest of my weekend went reasonably normal. I decided to wait until the last minute to change back. I wanted to get my full use out of this body, and I definitely did. I went about my normal routine, but completely naked, one hand almost constantly on at least one of my tits, groping and fondling my massive mammaries.

Five minutes to midnight, and tomorrow was Mother’s Day. I looked down at my boobs one last time, a bit of sadness on my face. As much as I loved being like this, it was time to change back. I went to my dresser and got the powder and looked around for a piece of my clothing. Why couldn’t I find anything? I know I don’t own a lot of clothes, but my closet shouldn’t be empty like this!
The laundry!
I had been doing all of my laundry (after all, it’s not like I was wearing any of it), and I could still hear the washer running. I glanced at the clock, three minutes to midnight, and ran across the house to the laundry room, my breasts, once my favorite parts of being in her body, were now slapping around, ruining my balance as I ran. I pulled open the washer lid and pulled out a pair of my boxers, sprinkled the powder onto it, and pulled them up over my feminine legs, struggling to pull them over my large ass.
Finally! they were tight and digging into my skin, but they were on! I left the laundry room, already feeling a bit different, and looked at the clock:
12:03. There was no way I had gotten the boxers on in time. But then why did I feel slightly different than I had all weekend? My eyes went wide: my body is settling. The past two days I had been wearing this body as a temporary thing, but now it had become permanent. This was my body now.
Happy Mother’s Day to me.


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