Backfiring 1

As an intermediate office manager I felt like I had my own kingdom to administer. The higher ups didn´t really care about me, all they wanted was the results and if it satisfied them they would let me be.
Every now and then I do an inspection walk around the offices on the different floors, today I had chosen floor 39 at the cosmetics section. I had heard rumors that some real fine women worked there.

Most of them seemed average or slightly above average, it wasn´t until I saw “Red” that my blood began to boil.
I let out an appreciative whistle whilst checking her out. Her hourglass figure was to die for.
She turned around, looked at me and seemed pissed in a cold kind of fashion.
“So?”, she began, “you like to ogle women I take it?”, and gave me an condescending look.
Being her boss I wasn´t afraid of her, but I should have been.
She muttered a string of words which made my head spin. Then it went all black.


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