Backfiring 2

When I opened up my eyes again against a bright light something felt wrong.
Then I heard it: “How are you doing, Miss Roth?” That voice was eerily familiar.
My eyes adjusted and I saw myself hovering above me.

“Give room, she needs the air”.

“Wha-?”, a dulcet voice escaped my lips. Upon hearing it I shut my mouth shut.
I looked around in panic. What was happening?!

“Come here”. Two strong arms helped me get up on my heels.

Heels? I didn´t know how to walk or stand in heels? Apparently I did but…

“How are you feeling Miss Roth?”.

“I feel fine. Just having a tighter dress than usual, Mr Larson”
Huh? I didn´t mean to say that. Let alone adress my own body like that.

“If you excuse me I need to head to the office”, my body told me and grinned wide when it left.
I wanted to run after him and demand to be swapped back but something hindered me from doing that.
Instead I want into a small office on this floor that had this huge mirror.
I knew it already but the confirmation of it was chilling, I was “Red”.
In here my body seemed to obey me at least, which was nice. Her body, my body, was giving me alien feelings all over the place and even in a situation like this my curiousity grew and I began to squeeze and prod my new body, getting familiar with my female physique.
Nice hourglass figure, great ass and terrific boobs was the staple of my beauty. My body had no problem filling out a dress like this. It didn´t hurt that I had a beautiful face too.
“Looking good, Clara”, I told my mirror image. Running this department that dabbled in cosmetics I needed to look good as well to set an example for the others. The men that didn´t belong to this floor that was skulking around was a nuisance though. Maybe Mr Larson could handle that?
With confident strides she opened the door and went back out into the production area again.


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