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I used to think having a pussy instead of a dick would be simpler visually. On the outside, it’s just a gash, a little slit that hides the opening my vagina but it’s more than that. Read more

Brand New Day

James, now Jenna, woke up in his room after completing the body swap at the clinic yesterday. These days, trading bodies and lives is very common since the technology has been invented. But the swap is only one way street though. James had to be sure if he wanted to give up his genetic male body which is in a good condition for a female one which is more vulnerable. His desire to become a real female was so strong that he agreed to swap with Jenna upon the match. He didn’t mind the issues that come along with having a female body. Jenna on the other hand wanted to experience complete masculinity. She hated having nothing between her legs and she wanted to be the one to be doing the penetrating. She wanted to be strong and dominant. However, James didn’t mind having a pussy between his legs instead of his dick. He didn’t mind not having erections. He didn’t mind the monthly cycle and he didn’t mind having to squat to pee for the rest of his life. Looking at his new body, he believes he struck a good deal. His new body is undeniably feminine and he cannot wait to start life as a member of the opposite sex starting today.


James thought he lucked out at the body swap clinic while he was sunbathing completely nude in his backyard. It has been one week since the swap and he was now sure that this permanent swap worked him a favor. He thought he would miss his male body and male strength but He loved his average size boobs on his petite body. He hasn’t been bored of looking between his legs to see the gap punctuated by a slit instead of his manhood. He also loved his slim feminine legs. Sure, he isn’t even half as strong as before but he felt divine possessing this genetic female body which was born female. He felt blessed to have the venus mound. It’s a proof of his new womanhood. Read more

Feminine glory

“How do I look?” I asked my girlfriend after getting my body swapped at the body swap clinic. Normally, male to female swappers do not have a lot of choices when it comes to trading lives. Attractive women rarely want to trade away their bodies and their lives. I was in luck that Jenny agreed to swap bodies with me. Read more

Mutually swapped

Body swapping is a common procedure in 2020 and it made swapping between men and women possible. However, the ratio of women willing to swap bodies with a man is very low. Read more

Winning the bet

I swapped my body with a girl from my gym after we argued about who has it more easier to get fit. She didn’t take my comments about girls only having to keep their weight off to look good. I told her that men has to lift incredible amounts of weight and eat a lot to gain muscles in order to appear attractive to the opposite sex. She totally disagreed about my comments saying “Why don’t you try being a girl for a month to see who has it easier? Let’s make a bet. You try being me for 30 days and I’ll be you. If I lose, I’ll sleep with you.”. Read more

Holding in

I really like my new female body and life as a woman after the mutual body swap process but I also wish that I’m still a guy sometimes. As amazing as my multiple orgasms are, having the female plumbing between my legs is so inconvenient sometimes. Whenever I’m desperate to tinkle, it’s harder to hold myself in because female bladders are smaller and to make it worse, the urethra is even shorter. I always have to cross my legs together so tight to prevent wetting myself. Guys have it so easy on that department. I am sure the person who received my male body is having a field day peeing standing up wherever she wants. Ironic, I know but I envy her in a time like this because I have to sit now and wait in long lines. Read more