Winning the bet

I swapped my body with a girl from my gym after we argued about who has it more easier to get fit. She didn’t take my comments about girls only having to keep their weight off to look good. I told her that men has to lift incredible amounts of weight and eat a lot to gain muscles in order to appear attractive to the opposite sex. She totally disagreed about my comments saying “Why don’t you try being a girl for a month to see who has it easier? Let’s make a bet. You try being me for 30 days and I’ll be you. If I lose, I’ll sleep with you.”.

Confident with my own remarks, I took her challenge and we went to the swap institute to exchange our bodies. After a month of exercising and keeping my new body fit, I came to love my life as a female. What Melissa didn’t know was that I hated the routine of keeping my male body fit and in shape. As a female, all I have to keep myself fit is to run for days and do yoga. I don’t need to kill myself lifting heavy weights because my body isn’t designed to use brute strength. After all, I’m no longer running on testosterone. Estrogen runs within me now and I liked my newfound femininity.

I came to love myself in a sporting attire as well. It displays my toned body like no other. I love seeing myself in yoga pants and a sports bra. I love displaying my crotch gap and toned female butt when I’m taking selfies. It’s something other girls do get envious of. Sure, I’ve lost my male equipment and a lot of strength in making this deal but I also received beauty and grace in my new body. So I decided to tell Melissa about not swapping back.

Luckily, Melissa came to enjoy being a man in my old better during the challenge. We agreed to stay as each other for good.


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